Twitch Ad Blocker: How to Deactivate My Ad Blocker Before to Using Twitch?


The good news is that a few ad blockers are fully compatible with the Twitch website. On Twitch, certain ad blocks can no longer utilise the ad block detection algorithm. Consequently, you can use these ad blockers to watch Twitch streams without ads. Our suggestions can be used to prevent the front-page ad carousel, scrolling advertisements, and pre-roll and mid-roll videos.

This page will discuss ad blockers that are compatible with Twitch. We will also provide the best-kept secret for blocking Twitch advertisements. Utilizing a VPN is the ideal strategy for Twitch in particular.

How to Utilize a Vpn to Block Twitch Ads

The most significant component of using a VPN to block Twitch advertisements is selecting a fast provider that enables buffer-free HD viewing. Use cautious while selecting a VPN, since not all of them offer fast servers that are compatible with Twitch broadcasting.

Below are the top three VPNs for preventing Twitch advertisements. By following our instructions, you can easily configure your VPN and begin blocking Twitch advertisements!

Is Ad-blocking Software Required for Twitch?

Yes. In many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, Twitch users must endure a deluge of video advertisements. Occasionally, users were subjected to seven or eight consecutive commercials. Because this makes using Twitch so irritating, many people are searching for a solution.

If your browser already includes ad-blocking software such as Adblock Plus or AdGuard, you may ask why you need a separate application for Twitch. Unfortunately, many popular ad-blockers are unable to prevent video advertisements from appearing during Twitch streams. The majority of prevalent ad blockers instead generate the purple error screen. This suggests you must find a substitute if you wish to avoid being interrupted.

You are free to utilise the options provided in this tutorial as you see fit. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the most secure and reliable way to prevent ads on Twitch, so we strongly advise using one (VPN).

You may secure your online privacy and eliminate Twitch adverts by using a VPN. Using a VPN, you can also access international services such as Netflix US, iPlayer, and Hulu, among others. Using a VPN, you can circumvent internet censorship and legal restrictions.

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Is It Feasible to Block Twitch Adverts With a Free Vpn?

There are free VPNs available, however they are incapable of blocking Twitch adverts. In areas where Twitch is ad-free, free VPNs are typically unavailable and have a limited number of server locations.

Free VPNs are similarly slow since there are insufficient servers and too many users. With a free VPN, HD viewing without buffering will not be feasible.

Twitch Ad Blocker

Even if you did find a free VPN with a server in a region without Twitch adverts, it would likely have bandwidth and download limits, which would lead it to disconnect you in the middle of your broadcast.

In addition to these speed issues, free VPNs risk your online privacy. Due to their restrictive privacy regulations, free VPNs may collect user information for the purposes of profiling.

Moreover, they have been proved to be insecure, to include spyware in their apps, to have security weaknesses in their apps, and to have leaks. Consequently, using a free VPN compromises your online security significantly.

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What Causes the Purple Screen Error on Twitch?

The purple Twitch error screen appears if the website detects the use of an ad blocker. The message’s objective is to convince you to disable your ad blocker so that you may continue to view in-page and mid-stream video advertisements. Twitch desires that you view these advertisements since they produce cash.

A Purple Twitch Error Screen is Displaying. What Am I to Do?

Today, the great majority of ad blockers display a purple error screen. If your present ad blocker is responsible for the purple error message, you have two options: disable it or search for an alternative ad filter that can operate quietly.

Twitch Ad Blocker

Alternatively, you can completely eliminate the issue without the risk of employing unauthorised add-ons by utilising a VPN to mask your location as a nation that does not display adverts.

Remember that if you attempt to watch Twitch channels from a different website, Twitch may display the purple screen intermittently. If you are broadcasting a Twitch channel that has been embedded on a third-party website, you may only need to watch the video on the official Twitch site again to resolve the purple issue.

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Should I Deactivate My Ad Blocker Before to Using Twitch?

If you disable your ad blocker, the purple error message on Twitch should no longer appear, according to theory. Several customers have already noticed that, despite disabling their ad blocker, they continue to receive the purple error box.

Disable your ad blocker and restart your browser to see if that cures the problem. Unfortunately, Twitch’s anti-Adblock technology is quite persistent, so if this does not work, you may need to deactivate your particular ad-blocker.

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