Troye Sivan Net Worth: How Much Does Troye Sivan Earn Each Year?

Troye Sivan has achieved tremendous success in the music industry. He is an actor, YouTuber, singer, and composer. Born in South Africa, he currently resides in Australia.

As a child, he had built a reputation for himself on YouTube. As of 2022, he had over 7.8 million YouTube subscribers. Now that he’s tried his hand at acting, he’ll add it to his list of abilities, as his career has included a variety of occupations.

At the end of 2021, it was reported that Sivan would be a regular on the popular new HBO show The Idol, helmed by Sam Levinson, who also directed Euphoria and The Weeknd. 2022’s Three Months featured an appearance by Sivan.

Troye began his professional music career in 2006, and he climbed to notoriety in the entertainment sector by starring in a number of television programmes and films. In 2013, Sivan signed a contract with EMI Australia, the largest music company in Australia. This was after his music had reached tremendous success.

Troye Sivan Wealth:

According to celebritynetworth, Troye Sivan’s estimated net worth in 2022 is approximately $8 million. He is one of the most popular singers in Australia, and he is also building a name for himself in the entertainment sector.

Album sales, live performances, tours, and collaborations with other artists account for the majority of his profits. His salary is substantially influenced by his roles in popular films and television series.

Additionally, Sivan has been in ads including “Smarter Than Smoking” and others. Troye Sivan earns over $1 million each year, and his net worth continues to increase year after year.

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Troye Sivan Childhood:

Troye Sivan Mellet was born on June 5, 1995, in Johannesburg, South Africa, parents Laurelle Mellet and Shaun Mellet. Before becoming a housekeeper, his mother was a model. His father is a businessman and real estate agent.

Troye and his parents, two brothers, and sister grew raised in Perth, Western Australia. His father was born into a Lithuanian Jewish family, while his mother converted to Judaism after marrying a Christian. He was raised in a Jewish Orthodox home.

However, Troye does not view himself as religious. He attended Carmel School, a private Modern Orthodox school in Perth, until 2009. In 2018, he began attending school from a distance, and his family relocated to Melbourne, Australia.

Before becoming a well-known musician, Troye knew he wanted to be renowned. People claim that he typed “how do I become a famous singer” on Google when he was 11 years old.

Troye Sivan Musical Profession:

In 2012, Troye began posting vlogs to his YouTube page. In October 2007, he first uploaded footage of himself singing to YouTube. Sivan had already amassed 27,000 followers by the year 2012. A figure that would climb inexorably in the future.


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Troye’s musical career began when he played at the Channel Seven Perth Telethon in 2006, 2007, and 2008. In 2006, Troye sang for the first time in a duet with Australian Idol winner Guy Theodore Sebastian. Troye had not sold out music halls in a very long time.

2007 also saw Troy reach the StarSearch finals. His debut EP, Dare to Dream, was released in July of the same year. When he was 12 years old, he only recorded five cover singles. Troye was also beginning his acting career at the time.

In 2013, Troye signed with the label EMI Australia of Universal Music Australia. However, he waited nearly a year before informing his fans about the record agreement.

Troye Sivan’s Musical Breakthrough:

In 2014, Troye released the five-track EP TRXYE. The album’s first song, “Happy Little Pill,” was the lead single. “The Fault in Our Stars” is an additional popular song. The EP debuted at number one on iTunes in over 55 countries and at number five on the Billboard charts, giving the young musician his first top ten records.


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His upcoming EP, entitled Wild, was ready to be published. The three singles “Wild,” “Fools,” and “Talk Me Down,” which were released as part of the “Blue Neighbourhood” music video trilogy from September to December 2015, helped promote the album. In 2016, he was nominated for Breakthrough Long Form Video at the MTV Video Music Awards for the video Trilogy.

We eventually learned that these singles were merely a teaser for the December 2015 release of Blue Neighborhood, Troye’s debut studio album. The album’s first song, “Youth,” was also a hit. Troye Sivan Live was the first tour he embarked on to promote his albums Blue Neighborhood and Wild in 2015.

The track “My, My, My!” by Sivan was released.

“at the beginning of 2018.” The musician revealed that his then-boyfriend, the model Jacob Bixenman, was the inspiration for his second album. Following this song, he and Ariana Grande danced to “Bloom,” a collection of adorable, softer songs on the great side.

Bloom was the title of Sivan’s second studio album, which was released at the end of August 2018. Then, Troye embarked on a two-month American Bloom Tour alongside Kim Petras and other artists. This commenced in Irving, Texas and concluded in Canada.

In 2018, Troye and Charli XCX collaborated on the song “1999,” which they performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In a Dream, the fifth EP by Troye, will be released in August 2020. The next year, Sivan announced and released his single “Angel Baby.”

Troye Sivan’s Acting Profession:

He played Oliver Twist in the 2007 production of Oliver! at the Regal Theatre. A year later, he acted in the Western Australian-produced short film Bertrand the Terrible. In the action picture X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was released the same year, Troye was cast as a young James Howlett.

According to rumours, Sivan was cast after YouTube footage of him performing at a telethon drew the eye of Hollywood agencies. This job enhanced Troye’s media visibility, which assisted him in achieving his entertainment business aspirations.


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Troye was cast for the starring part in Spud after an audition in 2009. The film is based on the 2010 publication of the same-titled 2005 novel by South African author John van de Ruit. This film was nominated for multiple awards, including one for Troye himself. He won the SAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Feature Film.

In 2012, Troye returned to South Africa to film the sequel to Spud. In 2014, he also appeared in Spud 3: Learning to Fly, the third instalment of the Spud franchise.

Prior to this, he exposed his sexual orientation to the world in a 2013 YouTube video. At the time, he published it on YouTube and delivered it to over one million subscribers. It has been viewed nearly 10 million times since then.

In addition, he was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song for Revelation, a song he composed for the film Boy Erased. This 2018 film also featured a supporting part for Troye. Also starring in the picture were Nicole Kidman and Russel Crowe.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the Wealth of Troye Sivan?

The estimated net worth of Troye Sivan is $8 million.

How Much Does Troye Sivan Earn Each Year?

Troye Sivan earns over $1 million annually.

Age of Troye Sivan: How Old is He?

27 years (5 June 1995)

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