Top Best Zombie Movies on Netflix: What Is the Best Zombie Movie of 2022?

Everyone can find a zombie film that they enjoy. The Dead isn’t just for horror movie fans. Do you enjoy doing things? There is a film about it. Do you want a little romance or whimsy with your turmoil of the dead? There is a film about it. The zombie genre knows no bounds, whether you prefer slow-burning horror or fast-paced thrillers.

It helps that the concept of zombies can be applied in a variety of ways. Whoever selects who “counts” as one of the “walking dead” should be handled with mistrust and should not be allowed into your gang’s well-armed apocalypse bunker, which is secured from the outside.

Can zombie bodies resurrect? Or do those with diseases that cause them to want to eat other people count? “Why pick nits?” we ask. You recognise a zombie when you see one. And we’d like to believe that, like the zombie horde, we can be welcoming to individuals of all faiths. So, why should we? Diseases that cause humans to behave like zombies do not discriminate.

But how can you choose the greatest zombie entertainment now that you’ve cast such a wide net (or trip wire, or whatever zombie-catching trap you prefer)?

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A South Korean gamer by the name of Oh Joon-woo is home alone with his family when a mystery disease breaks out in his apartment complex and transforms the sick people into vicious cannibals. Oh is left alone in his family’s home. The streamer stays locked up in his apartment as the terrible epidemic spreads throughout the city. He is cut off from the outside world and has few ways out, but he has a strong resolve to survive.

“Alive” is the show for you if you’ve ever considered the possibility that a zombie apocalypse could make #stayathome more exciting. It has come to light that Twitch streamers who stock up on ramen are more prepared for the apocalypse than those who do not. If you didn’t enjoy the CGI-heavy sequel to “Train to Busan” set in the year 2020, you should ignore it entirely and watch “#Alive” instead. Don’t get thrown off by the poor title of the hashtag.

Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder’s second film, “Army of the Dead,” might be seen as a spiritual sequel to his debut film, “Dawn of the Dead.” It’s like a heist thriller and a zombie movie got into a car accident and had a baby. This is the result. As a result of a military highway accident that resulted in the release of a zombie, the illness soon spread throughout Las Vegas, and the government was forced to place the city under quarantine.

Six years later, a gang of mercenaries are recruited to enter the quarantine zone and steal two hundred million dollars from the vault of a casino before the military detonates a nuclear bomb and wipes out the city along with all of its zombie inhabitants.

It is a stupid movie that is fully aware of its own ridiculousness. The concept of showgirls who have died and been reanimated as zombies, together with a tiger that has been reanimated as a zombie, is hard to dislike. Heck yeah! “Army of the Dead” is a film that crosses multiple genres and features spectacular set pieces and original stakes.


A young woman named Ada meets a construction worker named Souleiman while he is working on a big new tower that is being built over a suburb of Dakar, Senegal. Ada falls in love with Souleiman. However, she has already made a commitment to another guy, and it breaks her heart when she learns that the unpaid construction workers are leaving by sea in search of a better life in Spain.

A few days later, Ada’s wedding is destroyed in a fire, and her town begins to suffer from an unexplained fever. Even though it’s not a “zombie movie” in the traditional sense, filmmaker Mati Diop’s fascinating look at the “unquiet dead” is enough to warrant include it on this list. “Atlantics” straddles the border between a lot of different genres, including gothic romance, and it covers a lot of ground. Going into it without any prior knowledge is the most beneficial approach to experience it.


As Andy and his wife Kay appear to have figured out how to survive the zombie apocalypse, Kay is attacked while she is out gathering supplies. Andy is left to fend for himself. Andy has only got two days left to live, but he is prepared to put everything on the line in order to get Kay to a hospital in time. On the way, their automobile was involved in an accident, and when Andy woke up, his wife had changed.

Andy has received a bite, and doctors estimate that he has only two days left to live. Because she will soon be without a parent, Rose has to be placed in a new family. Andy travels across the Outback with one objective in mind: to guarantee that his young daughter will have a secure future. In order to accomplish this, he will need to navigate his way through the remnants of humanity. Martin Freeman has a fantastic performance as the main character in the great drama “Cargo,” which serves as the film’s anchor. It is also an insightful commentary on the problems that the indigenous people of Australia are facing.

Corpse Bride

In the story “Corpse Bride,” the reticent and generous protagonist, Victor Van Dort, accidentally makes a marriage proposal to a deceased person. It’s possible that you’ll wonder, “How does he do that?” He went through the motions of his real wedding vows, which were intended for a living woman, and then he placed the ring on the twisted, boney finger of the deceased woman.

Anyone could experience it. Victor has been transported to the eerily beautiful Land of the Dead, and he wants to make a hasty return to the real world so he may be with his fiancee, who is still alive. Along the process, Victor begins to piece together what went wrong with his bride-to-funeral be’s preparations (her body was just in the backyard, after all). The movie “Corpse Bride” is a gothic, eerie, and brilliantly animated film that will please both living viewers and those who have passed away.

I Got Killed

A severed hand escapes from its storage place in a refrigerator at a laboratory and begins an urgent search for its body. In the outskirts of Paris, the hand is conducting a fruitless search for Naoufel. The tragic events of his life are revealed in flashbacks. Even if “I Lost My Body” isn’t a “zombie movie” in the traditional meaning of the word, it should still be included on our list because it broadens our understanding of what it means to portray stories about loss, mortality, and corporeal defiance.

The film directed by Jérémy Clapin is not only moving and exquisitely animated, but it also features an outstanding score composed by Dan Levy. It is also gruesome enough to appease aficionados of the genre and gruesome enough to entice fans of gore to watch something that is a little bit more on the art house side of the rails.

Ashin, the North Kingdom

During the Joseon Dynasty in Korea, the events of this full-length prequel to the critically acclaimed series on Netflix take place. It explains the history of the enigmatic tribal heir Ashin and the origin of the odd plant that triggered a cascade of horrific events across the kingdom, including an unnatural plague that resurrects the people who have died. Film enthusiasts, don’t let the fact that it has been shown on television discourage you from checking it out! It’s okay if you haven’t seen any of the episodes in the “Kingdom” series.

“Ashin of the North” is a side-story that is enjoyable both on its own and as an introduction to the horror period piece for individuals who are interested in giving it a shot. The novel “Ashin of the North” is a combination of a zombie action-thriller, an epic war drama, and a tale of vengeance. The character of Young Asian, performed by Kim Si-a, delivers a heartbreaking performance that contributes to the drama and suspense of the narrative.

Rural areas in Quebec, Canada, have been left devastated, barely populated, and swarming with the infected as a result of an epidemic of a disease similar to zombies. Even though their numbers are decreasing and they are being driven further and further into the woods to escape the flesh-eating hordes, the few survivors that are still alive make an effort to maintain some semblance of normalcy.

“Ravenous” is a straightforward story about surviving in a hostile environment, but it delivers a brutal punch in spite of its simplicity. The film is filled with tension, bloodletting, and a cast of characters that grow on both the spectator and each other.


The story of “Ravenous” may be straightforward, but it carries a significant emotional and intellectual wallop. The rural areas of Quebec, Canada, have been devastated by an epidemic of zombie-like creatures, and as a result, there are very few people living in these areas, which are also crawling with the infected.

Even though their numbers are decreasing and they have to go deeper and deeper into the woods to get away from the flesh-eating hordes, the people who are still alive are doing their best to carry on as if nothing has happened. It is filled with tension, gore, and characters who develop on both the audience and each other throughout the course of the story.

Thieves of Souls (Aka Ladronas De Almas)

The novel “Soul Thieves,” which is set in the early 1800s during the Mexican Independence Movement, depicts a band of Spanish bandits seeking refuge in a complex that is managed by a group of sisters.

It doesn’t take long for the robbers to figure out that the Cordero sisters’ primary line of defence against them isn’t guns, but rather zombies. A rough-around-the-edges B-movie, “Soul Thieves” is heavily indebted to films from the era of Val Lewton, specifically “I Walked with a Zombie.” Any double zombie feature will benefit from the gory allure that it brings.

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