Top 10 Greatest Power Rangers of All Time: Who Is the Best Power Rangers of All Time?

Power Rangers has been on television for nearly 30 years, with the series acquiring a large number of Rangers over that period. With a new team of Rangers added practically every year after season six, the total number of Rangers is well over a hundred. Among them are some well-known characters, many of whom have remained fan favourites. Most of the time, these fan-favorite rangers are also some of the most powerful characters in the whole mega-franchise.

The most powerful Rangers typically have the strength of a planet-conquering supervillain. The best Rangers are frequently the various Sixth Rangers, but this is not always the case. The most powerful rangers usually have the most gear and weaponry at their disposal.

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Andros (Red Ranger, In Space)

Andros is the only Ranger who can make the claim that he single-handedly averted the extinction of all life in the universe. Andros destroys Zordon’s container at the very end of Power Rangers in Space in order to rid the galaxy of all evil influence and save Earth and countless other planets from the army of Astronema.

In addition to this, Andros makes his first appearance on television as he is confronting a room full of the most dangerous foes the Rangers have ever faced, including Rita and the Machine Empire. Quickly evading capture, he joined forces with his fellow Turbo Rangers to establish the In Space Rangers.

Kimberly Hart (Pink Ranger, Mighty Morphin)

Kimberly Ann Hart, the first Pink Ranger in the Power Rangers franchise, has demonstrated a lot of growth and success over her many appearances in the many forms of Power Rangers media.

Throughout the course of the television show, she transformed from a vapid and immature valley girl into a more seasoned individual. In the comics written and published by Boom! Studios, she acquires the Dragon Shield and the Dragon Dagger during the battle between the Power Rangers and the troops commanded by the villainous Lord Drakkon.

An alternate world counterpart of Kimberly also became a vicious ranger nicknamed the Ranger Slayer. Before breaking free of Lord Drakkon’s mind control, the Ranger Slayer served as an employee of the villainous villain. Following Drakkon’s defeat, the Ranger Slayer was elevated to the position of Lord Drakkon in her timeline.

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Adam Park (Black Ranger, Mighty Morphin; Green Ranger, Zeo & Turbo)

Adam Park, who went on to become one of the Rangers with the longest active careers, was originally the second Mighty Morphin Black Ranger. Further on, he would transform into the Green Zeo Ranger, and then later on, he would transform into the Green Turbo Ranger before handing over the mantle to Carlos in the midst of the fifth season.

Park is a fan-favorite character from the series, and he has earned a lot of respect and admiration throughout his many years of service as a Ranger. He has fought Rita, Zedd, and the Machine Empire in the past. In the episode “Operation Overdrive,” which marked the fifteenth anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise, he made his comeback and demonstrated why he was one of the most talented Rangers in the franchise’s history.

Eric Myers (Quantum Ranger, Time Force)

Eric wasn’t always a ranger; in the past, he worked as a soldier for a terrorist organisation known as the Silver Guardians, which is now a for-profit organisation. He was someone who knew the Time Force Red Ranger, Wes, from a long time ago. Before the events of Time Force took place, Eric lost touch with Wes because he was under the impression that the disparity in their social standing prevented Wes from understanding him.

Eric, given his role as the Quantum Ranger, had access to one of the most powerful arsenals and Zords in the entire series. His Q-Rex was incredible, and the fact that he was able to power it with quantum energy set him apart from the majority of his fellow Rangers. He stays a loner throughout his time with Time Force and never officially becomes a member of the squad, despite the fact that they are always working together.

Merrick Baliton (Lunar Wolf Ranger, Wild Force)

Before he was corrupted by the Wolf Mask and turned into the monster known as Zen-Aku, Merrick Baliton was a valiant warrior hailing from the fabled nation of Animarium. Merrick’s home land was Animarium. As Zen-Aku, he was one of the most formidable adversaries that the Wild Force rangers had ever confronted in their history.

Over time, he was able to rid himself of the evil that had been residing within him and eventually joined the team as the Lunar Wolf Ranger. He continues to be a lone wolf, if you will pardon the expression, and would much rather be by himself than with the other Rangers. However, he was more than willing to lend a helping hand to the club, and as a result, he became one of the most proficient Rangers in the franchise’s history.

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