Todd Tongen Cause of Death: Let’s Look at Her Biography, Career, and More!


Todd Tongen was a reporter and TV news host from Miami, Florida, who was born in the United States. He worked for 30 years at WPLG Local News. He killed himself when he was 56 years old. On June 5, 2019, his brother and the station both told him the news. He killed himself because he thought he had dementia, which had killed his mother in 2017.

Where Was Todd Tongen Born?

Todd Tongen was born in Minnesota, USA, on February 28, 1963. The United States is where he was born. He was an American citizen. Scott Tongen is his brother. Right now, we don’t know anything about his parents or his early life. Soon, more information will be added.


In 1983, he got his start in journalism as a radio DJ in his home state of Minnesota. He started working at WPLG Local 10 in December 1989. In 1983, he started working in radio and TV in his home state of Minnesota. He first worked as a weatherman.

Todd Tongen Cause of Death

He became the host of the weekend morning show later on. In 2015, he said that he had already done everything on his bucket list. He had skydived, bungee jumped, flown with the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds, and rode on the back of a whale.

“10 Taxi” was one of his most well-known bits. In a 1967 Checker cab, he drove guests like comedian Joan Rivers and actor Vin Diesel. One of his dreams was to be in a big hit movie, even if it was just a small part.

Todd Tongen Cause of Death

In June 2019, Todd Tongen killed himself. He had lived 56 years. On June 5, 2019, his brother and the station where he worked confirmed that he had died. His wife and their younger son were taking a trip to Italy.

She tried to get in touch with her husband, but she couldn’t. She asked a friend to see how Tongen was doing. The police were called, and when they got there, they found him dead at home.

Todd Tongen Cause of Death

His brother said that Tongen left messages that were hard to understand in which he said he was lost and asked his family to forgive him.

Tongen’s Lewy Body Dementia made him afraid of dying, according to his brother (LBD). In 2017, LBD killed their mother. His doctor brother said that his brother’s death shocked him because they had been planning trips to Las Vegas and Canada together.

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