Tiktok Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Everything You Need to Know Which Is Best!


For some time now, Facebook has been the social media show. Even now, it is by far the most frequently used and most populous social media site in the world. A new kid has arrived on the block in terms of popularity, however! You’re correct if you guessed TikTok! Unless you did, you’re in need of some upgrades! In April of 2020, the app exceeded the 2 billion download mark worldwide. Furthermore, there are more than 850 million active users on the site around the world. TikTok, despite its stratospheric rise, is still nowhere near Facebook in terms of popularity. We can, however, confidently declare that a new star is emerging and a new location has emerged where everyone wants to be.

Tiktok Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Everything You Need to Know Which Is Best!

Is Tiktok as Appealing to Marketers as It Is to the General Public?

Absolutely! As TikTok’s popularity grows, more and more businesses are taking use of the opportunity to promote their brands, products, and services. In the much-discussed TikTok vs Facebook advertising showdown, what can the upstart TikTok accomplish against the mighty juggernaut that is Facebook? Is this true?

TikTok began experimenting with advertising in 2019 in small ways. The TikTok ad format came at a high cost and was only available to individuals who were willing to spend a lot of money. However, TikTok has become much more economical and available to small businesses thanks to the addition of an advertising auction marketplace. Marketers can start advertising on TikTok with tiny budgets to target users with certain demographics and interests, similar to Facebook’s auction marketplace for ad space..

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What distinguishes it from Facebook? First and foremost, because of its scale, Facebook is overrun with ads of all kinds. Because they obstruct the platform’s full potential, It’s easy for people to grow tired of seeing commercials and eventually stop paying attention to them. Also, due to the large number of businesses using Facebook to advertise. In the battle for the best advertising spots, rivalry may be harsh and cutthroat. You don’t have to worry about fierce competition on TikTok because it is a relatively new marketing channel. Because fewer advertising are running on TikTok, it’s easier and less expensive to stand out and connect with your target demographic.

GrowMojo’s Vlad, Senior Customer Acquisition Manager, shared some data with people who were curious about the expected prices for both Facebook and TikTok. According to Vlad, the most important component in determining a campaign’s cost per impression (CPM) is the goal of the campaign. The CPM for TikTok prospecting traffic is around $1, conversions are between $2-3, and remarketing is up to $5 for 1000 impressions, according to his experience. Compared to TikTok, the previously described tactics on Facebook can cost as much as 20 times as much. A lot will rely on the niche the company is in, says Vlad, in terms of the cost of Facebook ads. In spite of this, don’t be fooled by the fact that CPM is so high. Investing on your ads may be a good idea at times. Both Facebook and TikTok are able to produce conversions since they know their users well and have a lot of data, but TikTok still has a lot to learn.

Ads Should Not Waste the Time of Their Viewers!

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Tiktok Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Everything You Need to Know Which Is Best!

Have you ever had the impression that all Facebook advertising are dull, unimaginative, and detract significantly from the overall experience? Limitations, standards, constraints on creativity, and rigid rules are all part of Facebook advertising from the social media network’s side. Authenticity and entertainment are at the heart of TikTok. Among social media apps, it’s a breath of fresh air and the same rule applies to adverts! To begin with, the most effective TikTok advertising resemble regular TiKToks in style and appearance.

In order to avoid feeling like advertisements, TikTok’s commercials have to be tailored to the site and its users.

To Make Your Life Easier, Turn to the Tiktok App

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A video creation kit is also included with TikTok’s advertising platform, making it easier for marketers to develop adverts. In addition to a vast library of free background music, it offers a wide variety of graphics and video themes that you may use to make your advertising more appealing for placement on the app. TikTok’s versatility also makes the whole process fun and encourages you to experiment with new and intriguing things that are only available on TikTok. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, the best thing you can do is get in touch with us and let us handle the advertising for you.

Comparing Facebook and Tiktok Analytics

When it comes to user targeting and analytics, Facebook is the market leader. It has amassed a wealth of information on your potential customers over the years, allowing you to target them in the most effective way possible. Facebook does a fantastic job of providing advanced marketers with data into those consumers so that Lookalike audiences may be targeted effectively. Facebook. In the meantime, TikTok is working on comparable analytics, although the platform is still in its infancy and only provides the most basic information. Successful TikTok advertising can be aided by additional techniques available to expert marketers.

There’s a Special Sauce on the Side!

While TikTok’s targeting capabilities are more limited than Facebook’s at the time, TikTok’s targeting is similar to Facebook’s. TikTok’s algorithm is what really sets it apart when it comes to targeting. In the long run, the algorithm learns more about its users and what they enjoy. Your ad will most likely be seen by the people you want to reach thanks to the app’s unique sauce!

Tiktok Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Everything You Need to Know Which Is Best!


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In the battle between TikTok and Facebook advertising, who will emerge victorious? What we’re saying is that it all depends on the situation. When it comes to older audiences, Facebook does an excellent job. We’d want to put it to you another way. Is advertising on TikTok worth the effort? Definitely! TikTok has the potential to be a potent marketing tool for any business. It doesn’t matter what happens or where you put your money, TikTok is only going to get bigger! This is a great time to be there, too. Using a Tik Tok marketing agency like GrowMojo may be a good option for you if you see your target demographic and the potential for your company. To schedule a free consultation, please contact us at any time!

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