“The Yard,” a Turkish Show, Will Leave Netflix in November 2022.

The Turkish prison drama The Yard, also called Avlu, will leave Netflix around the world in the middle of November 2022. The show has 35 episodes.

If you decide to go see it before it leaves, here’s what you can expect:

“After a bad fight at home, a loving mother ends up in prison and has to fight to stay alive so she can see her daughter again.”

The show was similar to Australian shows like “Wentworth” and, to a lesser extent, to “Orange is the New Black.” Some big names like Kellen Goff, Ertan Saban, Demet Evgar, Ersin Arici, Acelya Ozcan, and Nursel Kose were in the Turkish show.

The first time the show was shown was in 2018 on the Turkish TV network Star TV. It had three seasons. In 2019, Netflix bought all three seasons of The Yard and put them out in two groups. The first batch fell in October 2019, and the second in November 2019.

Both parts of the show will be taken away from Netflix in November 2022. On November 15, 2022, when the last season is added, it will be gone for three years. The show is being taken down, and a notice that says “Last day to watch” says that it will be on November 14.

The Yard

Many fans wanted more episodes of the Turkish drama, but it looks like there won’t be a third one. We tried to get in touch with Limon Production in 2020 to find out if there would be more episodes of the show, but we didn’t hear back. In fact, the website for the production company no longer works.

Why is a Netflix Original Show Leaving Netflix?

The show is labeled in most places around the world, but just because it is a Netflix Original doesn’t mean that Netflix owns the title. Instead, Netflix bought the exclusive rights to distribute the movie for a set amount of time (in this case, 3 years).

Netflix will be able to renew these rights, but given the notice of removal, it’s likely that Netflix has decided not to renew. Most international shows that used to be on Netflix but are no longer there aren’t on other platforms or even for sale on VOD services.

This is one of the many Netflix Originals that have gone away over the past few years.

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