The Size of Microsofts Flight Simulator Shrinks From 170 to 83 GB


If you plan to jump into the latest surreal version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Kotaku points out that it will be easier now for a simple reason: the initial installation of the game is much smaller. 

At launch, game installation may require 170 GB of hard drive space, but the latest patch notes mention that optimization has reduced it to 83 GB. This may be good news for anyone who hasn’t tried bandwidth restrictions. Review or who want to compress the game to SSD for better performance. 

It is unclear what they did to save space, but we must assume that the removal of the 212-story tower in Australia is worth a few hundred megabytes. For the upcoming Xbox Series X/S port, this is also a good sign, suppose you want to install it on your console without uninstalling all other games you are playing. Even if you have purchased the Seagate 1TB expansion unit, after loading the Call of Duty, Halo Chief Collection, Gears 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, and some other game passes you may want to play, The space is still tight. sometimes. 

Speaking of the Xbox port, the notes also mentioned new additions related to the console version, not so casually. The SDK now contains some best practices to help developers customize the add-ons they use on Xbox, as well as some examples to illustrate how to optimize the model used on Xbox. 

In this week’s developer Q&A, Microsoft Flight Sim Director Jorg Neumann declined to reveal the release date of the Xbox version, joking that Phil Spencer will kill him, but he mentioned that the Beta version decision may come in the next few weeks. . What I can say now is that in addition to the Xbox version, a new PC version will be released, which will include additional optimizations and system rewrites.

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