The Season 4 Doom Patrol Trailer Shows That the Were-butts Are Back.


The acclaimed show Doom Patrol is back with a trailer for season 4 that shows the weird Were-butts are back and a lot more. The fourth season of the DC Comics show is coming out in December. During Season 3, the characters changed a lot, Madam Rouge joined the Doom Patrol, and the team finally came together as a real superhero team.

As with every other season of this strange show, season 3 made things even stranger. The Were-butt creatures from season 1, episode 12, “Cyborg Patrol,” who escaped from the Bureau of Normalcy’s Ant Farm thanks to the main superteam, made a brief appearance in season 3 of Doom Patrol.

During the rampage, the Were-butts attacked Bureau member Darren Jones, who had appeared in season 3’s “Undead Patrol” to get back at the Doom Patrol. Jones was quickly killed, but a single zombie Were-butt got away and wasn’t seen again for the rest of season 3.

The Were-butts haven’t been seen for a year, but the Doom Patrol season 4 trailer shows that they are back, along with the rest of the team. The beginning seems to show where the shape-shifting creatures came from. After that, scenes of the whole team in action and the introduction of several new characters follow.

How the Were-butts Come Back in Season 4 of Doom Patrol

The opening scene of the Doom Patrol season 4 trailer is the longest scene in the new footage, which is mostly made up of short trailer-style clips. Just that fact suggests that the Were-butts will play a bigger role in season 4 than they did in previous seasons, when they were just funny monsters that the Doom Patrol easily beat.

Also, the beginning seems to show where the Were-butts came from. The Bureau of Normalcy says they thought of something they could breed as a “weaponized force of nature,” and the footage seems to show that they were right. But, unlike how they looked before, the Were-butts in the trailer sing, which means that something must have changed since they were made.

In later clips of the trailer, the Doom Patrol fights the Were-butts, which could have come from the zombie Were-butt that survived in season 3. It will be interesting to find out where they came from and how important they are in season 4, which doesn’t have a major villain yet.

Even though the Doom Patrol season 4 trailer shows new characters like Codpiece and Casey Brinke, there are no signs of a big bad like Mr. Nobody or The Brain. But because of changes on the team, like Vic’s missing cybernetics and Jane’s new main personality, the Doom Patrol may have to use extreme measures to fight off the Were-butts when season 4 of Doom Patrol starts on December 8.

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