The School for Good and Evil 2 Could Be Released on Netflix; Find Out More About It From the Cast.


Netflix has not yet confirmed The School for Good and Evil 2, but it is certain that the sequel will launch a new franchise for the service.

The first film, which is based on the Soman Chainani book series, centers on friends Sophie and Agatha who are brought to the school with the same name where fairytale heroes and villains are trained. Agatha is sent to the School for Good while Sophie, who aspires to be a princess, is sent to the School for Evil.

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that both protagonists come to the realization that there is neither fully good nor completely evil during the course of the film, and of course, the first film also concludes with a tease for a sequel.

In light of this, what can we anticipate from The School for Good and Evil 2? Here is all the information you require regarding the conceivable sequel.

When Might the School for Good and Evil 2 Be Released?

There is currently no official release date for The School for Good and Evil 2 because Netflix has not yet acknowledged its existence.

We could have to wait until October 2024 to visit the school if a sequel is confirmed because Netflix movies normally have a minimum two-year gap between them, but for the time being, that’s just conjecture.

The School for Good and Evil 2

The first movie was shot from April to July 2021 in preparation for its October 19 release on Netflix. Filming will probably have to begin at some point in 2019 if it is to make the October 2024 target release date.

The School for Good and Evil Ending

Even if the first movie changed a few things from the novel, the outcome remained the same. The image is followed by spoilers.

When the School Master is revealed to be a villain and tries to kill Agatha, Sophie makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect her buddy. In the movie, Sophie kills the School Master instead of the teacher who does so in the book.

Sophie passes away, but after Agatha kisses her, which turns out to be a true love’s kiss, Sophie comes back to life. Tedros wanted Agatha to stay at the school with him, but Sophie and Agatha are allowed to return to Gavaldon.

The School Master’s dagger and Tedros’s arrow enter a vortex between Gavaldon and the fairytale realm in the film’s concluding scene, though it’s unclear whether the School Master is still alive or if someone else is entering.

The original book series has five additional installments, therefore the sequel may continue A World Without Princes’ narrative. In the follow-up, Sophie and Agatha return to the school, which has undergone significant changes.

While the witches and princesses live without princes in the former School for Good, now known as the School for Girls, all the lads now live in the School for Evil. Can Sophie and Agatha stop the conflict before the two schools collide once more?

The School for Good and Evil 2

Likewise, a future sequel might tell an altogether new story now that the film series has created the world. However, we’ll have to wait to see if the sequel occurs first.

The School for Good and Evil 2 Cast

There haven’t been any formal cast announcements because the sequel hasn’t been announced, but we anticipate Sophia Anne Caruso and Sofia Wylie to return as Sophie and Agatha, respectively. As Tedros, the love interest of Agatha, Jamie Flatters ought to return as well.

Many of the supporting actors, notably Cate Blanchett as the voice of the Storian, Kerry Washington as Professor Clarissa Dovey, Michelle Yeoh as Professor Emma Anemone, and Charlize Theron as Lady Lesso, are most likely to return.

Although Laurence Fishburne’s character, the School Master, was officially killed off in the first film, don’t count out the possibility of him making a comeback because this is a fantasy world and – spoiler alert – the School Master manages to make a comeback in the book sequel.

The School for Good and Evil 2 Trailer

Unsurprisingly, since The School for Good and Evil 2 hasn’t been filmed and we don’t know if a sequel will be made, there isn’t any footage available.

Watch the first film again as you wait for any updates.

You may currently watch The School for Good and Evil on Netflix.

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