The PS5 is Officially The Fastest Selling Console in US History

Sony’s PS5 console has officially become the best-selling console in American history. According to gaming industry analyst NPD Group (thanks to Eurogamer), Sony’s latest console tops the list in terms of sales and “dollar sales.” Since its launch five months ago.

But this doesn’t mean that people still don’t like the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s latest system is “the best-selling hardware platform in terms of unit sales and dollars in March,” and “in the first quarter, Nintendo Switch was the leader in unit sales and PlayStation 5 ranked first in terms of hardware sales in dollars. “

Sony is also in a leading position in the sale of accessories, with the PS5 DualSense controller being the top accessory sold in USD in March and Q1 2021. ICYMI reportedly latest firmware update from PS5 adjusted PS5 DualSense controller haptic feedback when playing PS4 games.

“Although all the focus of the past 2 days is new PS5 software updates, it looks like Sony prohibits firmware updates to the controller in some cases,” Redditor has recently explained.

“It changes the way DualSense vibrates when playing PS4 games. For some reason, this vibration is always weak. Now the haptic feedback more closely mimics the feel of those DualShock 4 vibration motors.”

The PS5 update was released earlier this week, bringing extended storage for the console and one-click play, and you can turn on the TV when you turn on the PS5. The update also allows gamers to check their controller’s battery percentage while charging, and provides 120HZ support for “select” 1080p / 120Hz PC monitors, thus achieving 120fps gaming speed. Sony didn’t mention the DualSense touch feedback setting at the time, which is why the player is so messy.

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