The L Word Season 6: Let Talk About the Latest Updates of This Season


The sixth season of The L Word has 8 episodes and aired on Showtime from January 18 to March 8, 2009. After the end of the series, a special epilogue called The Interrogation Tapes was put online.

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the l word season 6

Synopsis of This Season

The shocking murder of Jenny is shown in flashback as each character tells the police what happened before the crime. Jenny and Shane start a hot romance while Jenny sells another script and the negative of her movie goes missing. Bette and Tina plan to have another child, this time through adoption. After losing The Planet, Kit opens a new nightclub with his partner Helena. Alice and Tasha have problems getting along and a crush on the same guy.

Who’s who and who’s who

Jennifer Beals as Bette Porter (8 eps)
Alice Pieszecki is played by Leisha Hailey (8 eps)
Laurel Holloman as Tina Kennard (8 eps)
Jenny Schecter, played by Mia Kirshner (8 eps)
Marlee Matlin as Jodi Lerner (4 eps)
Shane McCutcheon is played by Katherine Moennig (8 eps)
Tasha Williams, played by Rose Rollins (8 eps)
Daniela Sea as Max Sweeney (6 eps)
Rachel Shelley played Helena Peabody (8 eps)
Pam Grier as Kit Porter (8 eps)

Guest starring of The L Word Season 6

Kate French as Niki Stevens (6 eps)
Roger Cross as Sunset Boulevard (6 eps)
Alexandra Hedison played Dylan Moreland (6 eps)
Jamie Chen played by Mei Melancon (6 eps)
Kelly Wentworth was played by Elizabeth Berkley (4 eps)
Joyce Wischnia, played by Jane Lynch (3 eps)
Sgt. Marybeth Duffy is played by Lucy Lawless (2 eps)
Molly Kroll as played by Clementine Ford (2 eps)
Janina Gavankar as Papi (1 ep)
Gabby Deveaux, played by Guinevere Turner (1 ep)
William Halsey, played by Wallace Shawn (1 ep)
Peggy Peabody, played by Holland Taylor (1 ep)
Karina Lombard as Marina Ferrer (1 ep) (1 ep)
As Angus Partridge, Dallas Roberts (1 ep)
Ivan Aycock, played by Kelly Lynch (1 ep)
Eric Mabius as Tim Haspel (1 ep) (1 ep)
Sarah Shahi as Carmen de la Pica Morales (uncredited) (1 ep)

the l word season 6

There were special appearances

Phyllis Kroll was played by Cybill Shepherd (3 eps)

Episodes of The L Word Season 6

Episode guide for “Long Night’s Journey Into Day” on The L Word.
“Least Likely” “LMFAO” “Leaving Los Angeles” “Litmus Test”
“Last Couple Standing,” “Lactose Intolerant,” and “Last Word.”

Epilogue: Tapes of Interrogations

The L Word and Interrogation Tapes are the main articles.
Showtime released seven short videos after the last episode of The L Word that showed Tina, Shane, Helena, Niki, Max, Alice, and Bette being questioned by the police about Jenny’s death. The episodes were posted once a week on Showtime’s website and ended season 6. Notes and fun facts

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Even though the show is set up as a murder mystery, Jenny’s death is not explained until the episode “Less Is More” of the second series (GQ 1×02).
This season takes place over the course of three months, starting right after the Lez Girls wrap party and ending with Jenny’s death.

Lets Talk About Episides of This Season

Episode 1

When Season 5 ended, Niki and Jenny were still trying to figure out how they felt about each other. Season 6 starts right where Season 5 left off. Shane tries to say sorry to Jenny in a weird way, and Jenny responds by saying she will kick Shane out of her house. Jenny gets even more involved in Shane’s life when she runs into Molly and tells her that Shane is going out with someone else. Jenny then invites Niki back to her house, where they have a passionate night of sex. The next morning, Jenny turns Niki down just to hurt Niki’s feelings.

Episode 2

While Niki is angry at Jenny’s cruel way of flirting with her and then breaking up with her, Bette runs into an old college friend named Kelly Wentworth (Elizabeth Berkley). This makes Tina wonder how much she can trust her partner. Jodi, who wants to get back at Bette, keeps annoying and teasing her.

Episode 3

Alice sees Jenny and Shane making out after a night of passion, and of course she tells everyone she knows about it before they have a chance to explain. Also, Tina gets in trouble when the film negatives for the movie The Girls (which the producers changed from “Lez Girls”) are stolen from the studio. Tina’s boss, Aaron, blames her because she complained about the movie’s ending, which was changed from a gay love story to a straight love story because the studio bosses thought it was too gay.

Episode 4

Shane and Jenny’s relationship is still going strong, even though Jenny’s selfish and immoral attitude about starting over has caused some trouble. While this is going on, Bette and Tina go to Nevada to meet Marci, the young woman whose unborn child they want to adopt.

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After they go to a Lamaze class, Max tries to deal with being pregnant while Tom tries to figure out what’s going on.

Episode 5

Alice and Jenny’s friendship gets worse when Alice finds out that Jenny’s new script is based on a “treatment” she wrote earlier and was sold for $500,000. This makes Alice very angry, but Jenny of course denies doing anything wrong. Bette and Tina are still making business plans for the adoption, and Jamie is Alice and Tasha’s third-wheel crush.

Episode 6

Jenny plans a baby shower for Max, who is already very busy. But during the party, Jenny, being the cynical person she is, tells Dylan that the girls hired Niki to seduce Helena as a test of her loyalty. This makes Dylan angry, so he leaves. While this is going on, Bette and Tina start the adoption process. However, Joyce tells them that the law in Nevada says that a lesbian couple that is not married cannot adopt a child. Bette goes to the opening night party for her new art gallery by herself, which puts her in the shark tank with Kelly, while Tina flies to New York to work on a new movie project.

the l word season 6

Episode 7

The girls dance for 12 hours at Hit! as part of a dance marathon put on by the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center. Tina and Bette think about moving to New York after Tina gets a job offer there. As usual, Alice tells all of their friends about it before they make up their minds. Kit finds out to her shock that he is the handsome young man who is trying to pick her up when he is not in costume.

Episode 8

In the last episode of the series, a party for friends goes wrong. Jenny decides to make a goodbye video for Bette and Tina when they say they are moving to New York for good. But her cynicism is making it harder for her to get along with other people.

Alice tells Tasha that if she wants to be with Jamie, she should go ahead. If she doesn’t come back in 24 hours, Alice will know what choice Tasha made. Helena realises that she can never really trust Dylan, so she breaks up with her for good. Kit finally gets together with Sunset Boulevard, but when Jenny shows her a video she took of Bette and Kelly, she is still sure that Bette was cheating on her.


Showtime said that The L Word will have a sixth and last season. Unlike the previous seasons, this one only had 8 episodes. In total, there were 71 episodes of the show. Studio executives talked about how long the show has been on, and the president of entertainment at Showtime, Robert Greenblatt, said that The L Word has “gone beyond its niche as a gay show.”

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The sixth season began on January 18, 2009, and ended on March 8, 2009, when it was first shown. Producers and writers of The L Word asked viewers what they thought about the episodes of the last season.

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