“The Imperfects” Has Been Canceled by Netflix and Won’t Be Back for Season 2


The newest supernatural coming-of-age show on Netflix premiered on September 8. Two months later, on November 8, it was announced that the show had been canceled and would not be getting a second season.

In The Imperfects, which was made by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton, three teenagers take part in an experiment that turns out to have horrible side effects. The three of them work together to find the scientist who did it and, hopefully, a way to stop it.

The show is made by the same company that made The I-Land, The Order (which was cancelled after two seasons), and Wu Assassins, among other Netflix shows.

Has Netflix Decided to Make a Second Season of the Imperfects?

According to deadline, The show was canceled by Netflix on November 8, 2022, along with another new show that year, Partner Track. This means that the show won’t be back for a second season.

As we’ve already talked about, Netflix will use a number of factors to decide whether or not to renew a show. For a show of this size, the number of people who finish the series will be an important number.

The Imperfects Season 2

The reviews for The Imperfects were all over the place.

There aren’t enough reviews for Metacritic or RottenTomatoes to give an opinion. It has a 79% rating from audiences on RottenTomatoes and only a 6.1/10 rating from 1,500 reviews on IMDb.

Many people already worry that the show might be canceled, and if that happens, marketing for the show will be in the crosshairs. The Imperfects may have had one of the worst marketing campaigns for a new show in 2022.

Geeked Week was when we got our first big piece of information, but since then, we’ve only gotten one set of new details about the release date. Worse, the trailer and release date were announced just over a week before the show was supposed to start, and most September 2022 schedules didn’t include it (but not ours!).

What We Expected From Season 2 of the Imperfects?

In the whole series, we’ve seen how hard the three friends try to find a cure. They do find one, but Tilda decides not to take it, and the other two are sad about what happens. Juan and Abbi find out that the cure isn’t as permanent as they had hoped.

The Imperfects Season 2

They are now at a dead end, especially since Dr. Burke doesn’t seem to be helping them anymore. One of the biggest problems for the three people (and for the rest of the world) is that the virus spread through the whole town, causing chaos and damage that no one knows about.

Before we go, we should tell you that one of the main stars of The Imperfects, Iaki Godoy, will be back on Netflix in 2023 when the live-action version of One Piece comes out. My Life with the Walter Boys is going to be made into a movie by Nomadic Pictures and Netflix.

The Imperfects Trailer

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