The “Hot Skull” Trailer Shows That a Disease is Spread Through Speech.


Do you like stories about dystopian worlds and terrible diseases that spread all over the world? Then you can start to look forward to a new Netflix show. The streaming service released a teaser for the sci-fi TV show Hot Skull, which is based on the same-named novel by Afşin Kum. The show will be about a world that is being destroyed by a new disease that spreads in a unique way.

Murat Siyavus (Osman Sonant), a quiet former linguist, starts the nearly two-minute teaser by thinking back to the first time he met a woman, in a world he barely recognizes. Murat is one of the few people who have lived through a plague of madness that has spread through the whole population.

The plague is spread through language and speech. Murat has stayed with his mother to wait out the storm. He is the only person who can’t get sick from the disease that is spreading. His stay with his mom isn’t all smooth sailing because she keeps telling him to “live a little.”

Hot Skull Trailer

Murat and other people who haven’t caught the disease use headphones to get around the world and the city of Istanbul. The headphones keep them from hearing the “jabberers,” or people who have the disease.

Soon, his apparent kindness will lead him to put himself in danger to save a young boy from a jabberer attack. Murat’s mother begs him to get involved in a new high-stakes game, which puts the linguist on a collision course with the cruel Anti-Epidemic Institution, which runs this dystopian world.

Murat needs to leave the safe zone because nothing is the same anymore, even if the seas are salty and birds fly in the sky. Murat goes on a journey in the wild with Sule (Hazal Subaş) and other people who share his views. He wants to find out the secrets behind his immunity, which he calls his “hot skull.”

The series Hot Skull is based on a 2016 book by Kum, and it was made by Mert Baykal. The cast of the eight-part series alongside Sonant and Subaşı includes Şevket Çoruh, Tilbe Saran, Kubilay Tuncer, Ozgür Emre Yıldırım, Gonca Vuslateri, Zerrin Sümer, Yetkin Dikinciler, and Hakan Gercek. Others include Erdem Akakce, Barış Yıldız, Arda Anarat, Furkan Kalabalık amongst others.

On December 2, Hot Skull will make its debut on Netflix. Check out the official description of the streamer and the teaser video below:

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