The Gilded Age Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled ?

The Gilded Age, an HBO show about New York City in the late 1800s, just finished its first season, but some fans are already wondering if it will be back for a second season. Here’s what we know so far about the second part of the show.

Officially, the Gilded Age is coming back for a second chapter.

In February 2022, HBO told people that the show would be back. Francesca Orsi, executive VP of programming at HBO, said, “Julian Fellowes and the whole GILDED AGE family have completely captivated us with their story of New York City’s wealth in the late 1800s.” “Our partners at Universal Television and I couldn’t be more excited to start season two with this incredibly talented team.”

The new season is already being made.

The people who work on The Gilded Age have been thinking about what will happen to these characters even before the show was renewed.

Gareth Neame, the show’s executive producer, told Radio Times, “The truth is, we’re always getting ready for the second season long before we know if it’s going to happen or not.” “Because, you know, as soon as we know we’re going ahead, we have to start—the cameras have to start rolling. So you kind of need to get ready.”

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“So we’ve already started thinking about ideas for the second season,” he said.

Director Salli Richardson-Whitfield also told the publication, “There are all kinds of ideas and dreams” for new storylines if the show is renewed.

The second season of The Gilded Age began filming for real in May 2022.

the gilded age season 2

Most of the Actors and Actresses Come Back

With such a big group of big names in the cast, it might have been hard to find a time that worked for everyone to film season two. But Deadline says that 11 of the 12 regulars from the first season are coming back. These include Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon, Louisa Jacobson, Blake Ritson, Carrie Coon, Morgan Spector, Taissa Farmiga, Harry Richardson, Denée Benton, Simon Jones, and Jack Gilpin. Thomas Cocquerel, who played Marian’s love interest Tom Raikes, is the only regular cast member who won’t be back.

Baranski, who plays the show’s most important character, Agnes van Rhijn, wanted to come back even before a second season was announced. She told T&C before the season two renewal was announced, “I could definitely, happily continue with this show, with these actors, and with this wonderful writer, Julian.” If it does get renewed, she might have to film The Gilded Age at the same time as The Good Fight. “Because of COVID and other things, if the Gilded Age starts up again, the lines will be parallel. Even though I’m filming two shows at the same time, this is called a champagne problem.”

Audra McDonald, Nathan Lane, John Douglas Thompson, Ashlie Atkinson, Claybourne Elder, and Ward Horton will all be back in their recurring roles.

Thirteen Actors Have Been Made Regulars on Tv Shows.

In season two, Kelli O’Hara will play the socialite Aurora Fane, and Donna Murphy will play Mrs. Astor. Both will be regulars on the show.

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Also, eleven actors who play housemaids, butlers, and other staff in the Gilded Age world—Debra Monk, Kristine Nielsen, Taylor Richardson, Ben Ahlers, Kelley Curran, Douglas Sills, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Michael Cerveris, Erin Wilhelmi, Patrick Page, and Sullivan Jones—will be series regulars in the second season of The Gilded Age. This is meant to deepen “the Upstairs, Downstair

The Gilded Age’s World Will Keep Getting Bigger.

The people in charge of casting have given hints that Broadway stars will keep getting new parts. One of the people in charge of casting, Adam Caldwell, told Variety, “Because of the talent and experience, we still think it’s a part of what works. It has room to grow. We might get a bit more of a look into the world of the Black elite. There are also historical figures, and it’s fun to jump in and play with everyone in the sandbox.”

the gilded age season 2

Notably, Christopher Denham, David Furr, Ben Lamb, Matilda Lawler, Dakin Mathews, Michael Braugher, Nicole Brydon Bloom, and Rebeca Haden were just announced as recurring guest stars, as were Laura Benanti and Robert Sean Leonard.

There Is No Date Set Yet.

Keep an eye on this. We’ll keep adding to this story as more information about season 2 of The Gilded Age comes out.

A Summary of Season 1

The Gilded Age is an American historical drama TV show made by Julian Fellowes for HBO. It is set in the United States during the Gilded Age, which was the prosperous time in New York City in the 1880s. The show was first announced in 2018 for NBC. In May 2019, it was announced that the show was moving to HBO. The first episode of the show was on January 24, 2022. The show was picked up for a second season in February 2022.

In 1882, in New York City, businessman George Russell, his wife Bertha, and their two children, Larry and Gladys, move into a big, fancy house designed by Stanford White. Sisters Agnes van Rhijn and Ada Brook are getting ready for their niece Marian to arrive. Marian is leaving Doylestown, Pennsylvania, because she will only get $30 from her father’s estate after he dies. When Marian’s purse and train ticket are stolen, Peggy Scott, who went to the Institute for Colored Youth, helps her.

Tom Raikes, Marian’s lawyer in Doylestown, moves to New York City. He starts a new job and makes it clear that he likes Marian romantically. Peggy wants to be a writer, so she sends query letters to possible publishers, but she hasn’t heard back yet. Peggy talks to Tom about a legal matter, but she won’t tell Marian about it. Bertha tries to join Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Fane’s upcoming charity bazaar by offering her ballroom as a place to hold the event.

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George finds out that the law won’t pass, and he realises that the aldermen are using the stock to help themselves. The lawmakers sell short, which means that they promise to deliver shares at a lower price if the price of the shares goes down. In response, George buys back as much company stock as he can. This makes the aldermen poor because they have to buy at a higher price.

George gets ready for his trial while Bertha plans a party for Gladys to come out. Oscar goes to Newport with the Russells to get closer to Gladys, but John Adams stops him because he doesn’t like Oscar. Aurora says that she doesn’t trust Tom, but Marian decides to marry him and plans to run away. Watson, who works for George, tells Mrs. Flora McNeil that his name is Collyer. Collyer quickly leaves.

the gilded age season 2

Bertha goes to see Mrs. Astor, but she doesn’t answer the door, so Bertha doesn’t invite Carrie to Gladys’s debutante ball. Carrie gives her mother the cold shoulder because she is so angry. With the help of Peggy and Sylvia, Marian is getting ready to run away with Tom. Under the threat of being found out, Monsieur Baudin tells George that he is really Josh Borden, a French-trained chef from Wichita, Kansas.

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