The Director of Encanto Exposes a Tragic Bruno Fact That You Overlooked.


Jared Bush, the director of Disney’s Encanto, has recently been replying to fan inquiries on Twitter. In doing so, he shared a sad fact about Bruno that you might have missed while viewing the movie.

When Mirabel visits Bruno’s chamber in the movie, she finds pieces of art that show how his dreams come to life. A sculpture of Bruno with its eyes scraped out is on exhibit, and it’s quite unsettling.

Since many people have a strong mistrust of Bruno, you could question who did this. However, one fan wondered if Bruno actually scratched the eyeballs out himself, and Bush confirmed that this was the case.

Yes, Bush answered. “That was done by Bruno himself.”

Although the movie’s characters didn’t want to discuss Bruno (no, no, no), the song was extremely popular in the real world. It was the first Disney song to top the UK Singles Chart for a staggering seven weeks and topped the chart for the majority of the first half of the year in the UK.

Fellow Encanto filmmaker Byron Howard made another disclosure about the movie earlier this year that you might have missed.

The main theme of Mirabel’s character journey throughout the movie is her sense of being out of step with her family, and her song “Waiting on a Miracle” actually subtly highlights that.

“Not your average “I want” tune, this one. When something like this occurs, it’s absolutely private and she makes a really anguished confession that she hasn’t shared with anyone “Howard gave Empire Magazine an explanation.

“The song form known as “bambuco” in Colombia is in three-quarter time. It has a rhythm that is distinctly different from every other song in the movie.”

Encanto is available for purchase on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download in addition to being streamed on Disney+.

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