The Best Mobile Games of 2022


Choosing the best mobile games can be difficult because there are millions of titles to choose from, making it easy to feel like there are almost too many options. A list of some of the best mobile games you should play on iOS and Android in 2022 is here to help you out.

The best games for Android and iOS devices are listed below, with a strong emphasis on genre-defining flagship titles. Additionally, all of the mobile games on this list are great for casual or competitive players.

Clash of Clans

One of the most well-known mobile games is Clash of Clans, which was first made available for iOS devices in 2012 and Android devices in 2013. This free mobile game has been around for almost a decade, so it can make you feel nostalgic.

This real-time strategy game is always surprising because of the wide variety of characters you can choose from. You can even form clans with friends to fight against other clans and build bases together. Also, you can read about princess slots to spend your time with afford.


As games like Wordle rekindle a desire for pure logical fun, we’ve seen a resurgence in mental-challenging games. Knotwords is a great example of this because, despite the fact that it appears to have been given a fresh coat of paint, it manages to give a new spin to one of the longest-running brain teasers that is still available in print today. Knotwords is a cross between word and logic puzzles. Instead of using traditional crossword clues, players arrange the letters in a “knot” into words that can be solved.

Initially, it appears to be a straightforward formula, but as you progress through the game, you’ll find yourself scrambling to come up with the right answers. With an eye-catching design, a generous number of puzzles to solve, and an extra-challenging mode for anyone looking to spend all day staring at their screen while every cog in their head turns, Knotwords is a fantastic whetstone to sharpen your mind. It is essentially a more complex game for anyone who finds Wordle to be too simple for their tastes.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Game of the Year: Call of Duty: Mobile franchise’s move to mobile platforms in 2019 has proven to be a tremendous success. The Battle Royale mode on the mobile version of Call of Duty is what sets this game apart from the standard game modes.

The game has a lot to keep players interested, whether it’s fast-paced action or tough survival. Call of Duty Mobile is a must-play due to its tight controls, classic maps, and characters equipped with a plethora of weapons and equipment. For all FPS fans, the fact that the mobile game is free to play is just the icing on the cake.


One of the great things about video games is the powerful feeling you get when you feel like you are in charge, like you are actively participating in the plot, setting your own goals, and putting the pieces of the puzzle together on your own. One of the most satisfying experiences there is. In the same way, one of the most potent things games can do is take all of your power at once. make you think you can’t do anything. Uneasy. Afraid to continue.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The renowned MOBA from Bang Bang Moonton: Bang is most certainly quite possibly of the best title in the class. MLBB has stood the test of time because it is one of the earliest MOBA games to be released on mobile platforms.

MLBB is also an excellent option for MOBA enthusiasts seeking a mobile platform-specific competitive environment. Although the game is made specifically for mobile devices, it does make numerous references to games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Crossplay is supported and the game is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap has increased the collectible card game’s excitement and speed without sacrificing any of its great strategic decisions. Furthermore, you needn’t bother with to be a Wonder fan to see the value in how focused and shrewdly planned the game is.

There is never a dull moment in Marvel Snap, which is built around the competition to build up the most power at two of three locations in just six turns, taken simultaneously by both players. After all, in every match, you only have a few seconds before you have to carefully consider your next move.

The game keeps you guessing with each new game because it uses randomization as a surprise weapon. The slow reveal of each new location and card dramatically alters your strategy as you scramble to take advantage of boons and salvage what you can from debuffs and destruction, giving the impression that no two matches will ever be the same.

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