The Batman Ending Explained: Everything You Need to Know About This Series!

What happens at the end of The Batman? Set in the early years of Bruce Wayne’s (Pattinson) war on crime, the film follows the world’s best detective as he tackles his most challenging case yet when a new serial killer targets Gotham’s elite, starting with the mayor.

The Riddler (Paul Dano), a crazed monster, is on a mission to reveal the awful truth at the heart of Gotham City. While looking into the mayor’s death, Batman comes into another mystery: Annika, a missing girl with ties to Catwoman (Zo Kravitz). What’s the link between the two crimes, and what’s the secret at Gotham’s heart?

You’re not alone if you’re having problems digesting the ending of this brooding dark thriller. The storey twists in Batman are as many as a pair of headphones left in a washing machine. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help you unwind this story’s Gordian knot. There will, of course, be spoilers ahead, but here’s how The Batman Ending is depicted…

The Batman Ending Explained

As The Riddler’s crusade against Gotham’s great and not-so-great grows more intense, the serial killer turns his attention to the city’s sequestered prince, Bruce Wayne. Unfortunately, the so-called world’s best investigator didn’t understand he was the target until he and Jim Gordon were questioning the Penguin (Colin Farrell) (Jeffrey Wright).

As a result, he’s too late to stop his faithful servant/father figure, Alfred (Andy Serkis), from opening a suspicious letter sent to Bruce Wayne. As Alfred peels open the envelope, an explosion shakes Wayne Tower, and Alfred is hospitalised, frightening Bruce. However, the Riddler’s assault does not end there.

The unknown threat attacks the Wayne family’s reputation, revealing to the world that Gotham’s aristocratic family isn’t as pure as everyone thinks. The villain accuses Thomas Wayne of using his mob connections to assassinate a reporter, Edward Elliot, who was attempting to damage Thomas’ political career by exploiting Martha Wayne’s mental instability.

Bruce calls Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), the mafia leader who Thomas supposedly hired to murder the nosy journalist, after being devastated that his father was not the paragon of morality he imagined him to be. Falcone confirms to Bruce that Thomas approached him about having Edward silenced, but he also explains that the journalist was working for the city’s former criminal boss, Maroni.

Maroni was reportedly concerned about what Thomas might do as mayor and desired Thomas’ removal. After Falcone’s hit on Elliot, Falcone planned to assassinate Marth and Thomas, and he was far more concerned about the prospect of a Falconi-controlled Mayor Wayne.

Bruce pays a visit to Alfred in the hospital, feeling betrayed by Falcone’s revelation, to confront his Butler over not notifying him that his beloved old father was a criminal. Alfred, on the other hand, isn’t having it, accusing Falcone of trying to manipulate the situation. Falcone did, in fact, murder Elliot, and Thomas had ordered Falcone to silence (rather than kill) the journalist in order to keep Martha’s problems hidden from the public eye.

When Falcone killed Elliot, Thomas was visibly disturbed and promised to go to the police and confess what he and Falcone had done. Before he could call the cops, the older Wayne was killed. Alfred believes Falcone, not Maroni, murdered Bruce’s parents, despite his inability to prove it.

The Batman Ending Explained

As Batman spots the Bat-Signal in the sky, Bruce returns to the streets, his faith in his mission restored. When he arrives, he is welcomed by a perplexed Gordon, who informs him that Catwoman is the one who lit the beacon. Selina has tracked down the man who murdered her friend Annika earlier in the film, and he is a Gotham City cop who also works as a security guard at the Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge.

Annika left a voice note on her phone, which suggests Falcone was the one who murdered her, which Selina shows Gordon and Bats. Through her acquaintance with the mayor (The Riddler’s first victim), Annika appears to have uncovered the awful conspiracy The Riddler has been attempting to assist Batman in uncovering.

Following the Waynes’ deaths, it appears that their multibillion-dollar charity, ‘Renewal,’ was left unguarded. The money was used for personal gain by Maroni, the previous criminal lord of Gotham, and the city’s aristocracy, who ignored the destitute while feathering their own nests. Over time, the mayor and his entourage grew greedy and devised a plot to eliminate Maroni.

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Using Falcone as an anonymous criminal informant, they exposed Maroni’s narcotics operation and had him arrested. The narcotics trade in Gotham, however, continued unabated. Falcone seized control and gradually ascended to the position of actual mayor, with Renewal serving as his personal piggy bank.

Catwoman vows to seek vengeance on Falcone by kicking out the corrupt cops she has apprehended. Selina then goes to Falcone’s office, where she tells the mafia boss that she is his daughter (something that happens a lot in this movie) and fires a shot at him. Fortunately for Falcone, Batman opposes the death penalty, even for scumbags, and convinces Catwoman to abort Falcone’s execution.

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