That Damn Michael Che Season 2: Released or Renewed


If you only paid attention to social media, you might think that Michael Che is always on the verge of so-called cancellation, despite the fact that he is a head writer for Saturday Night Live and one of the longest-serving anchors of “Weekend Update.” If you only paid attention to social media, you might think that Michael Che is always on the verge of so-called cancellation. Che leans into his projected image in the second season of his spin-off sketch series for HBO Max, which sees him tackle social challenges through his own personal experiences and interactive stand-up routines.

Oh, Michael Che, Should I Just Stream It or Should I Skip It?

Opening Shot

A young white couple is seen kicking an older black man who is lying on the ground as a train passes past them on a subway station in New York City as the train is passing.

The Essentials Related to That Damn Michael Che Season 2

Che approaches the scene and is perplexed as to why none of the bystanders will assist or even ask for assistance; this includes the police officers who can be seen going away at the top of the stairs. Che’s attempt to laugh at him backfires as the bystanders accuse him first of approving of the vulgarity, then somehow link Che even more with the other man. However, once they recognise Che, the victim jumps up and begins screaming vulgar epithets. Che’s attempt to laugh at him backfires.

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Following the closing credits, we cut to a scene of Che performing stand-up comedy. In this episode, small stand-up parts are used to introduce the other sketches before launching into a shared thematic notion. The premise casts Che as a comic who is “excommunicado” for the purpose of parodying John Wick’s running series. Che is having sushi with Kenan Thompson when the former gives the latter a coin and tells him to go to the Comedy Cellar to trade it for the opportunity to save his career.

that damn michael che season 2

One stand-up piece leads into another one called “Arthur’s Abortion Dojo,” which is about a karate instructor in Texas who saw an opportunity for business when the state outlawed abortions and began selling kicks to pregnant women’s tummies for “$40 a pop.”

Another part leads into a satire of the movie Scared Straight, in which the inmate Kool-Aid (played by Greer Barnes) finds out that the preteens he is attempting to scare are all killers.

And a stand-up bit about the backlash against Joe Rogan for making Che “afraid of podcasts…because you talk too much” leads into a police interrogation sketch starring Sam Richardson as a detective who gets a guy to snitch not by using good-cop, bad-cop tactics, but instead by unveiling a podcast studio in the interrogation room.

The Wick parody and the episode come to a close with Che arriving safely at Club Excommunicado, only to discover that the club’s other member is a man who is obviously meant to be Bill Cosby (although he is not referenced as such, so hold your lawsuits!). This man offers Che a drink and some questionable advice.

The Second Season of That Damn Michael Che

Which Stand-Up Comedy Specials Does It Bring to Mind?

Pause Alongside Sam Jay, of course, given that they are both former cast members of Saturday Night Live who currently have sketch series airing on HBO Max at the same time, but Che’s approach and stance suggest that he is aiming for something that is more similar to Chappelle’s Show.

Our Take of That Damn Michael Che Season 2

The second season has a lot more confident atmosphere, and as a result, the jokes are funnier.

There are a few gags in the first episode of the new season that felt dangerously close to being too topical. Even while this may not have been done intentionally, it may have been a fortunate accident. The karate kicks that were used to induce abortion are significantly more painful now.

That white youngster who opened fire on “Walmart…the whole store?” and then responded to the convicted murderer by blowing on his finger pistol. It may have been necessary for us to have HBO Max move forward with this, in part because it helps back up Che’s premise that comedy should be dangerous. Whereas the broadcast networks were all too quick to pull episodes this week, claiming sensitivity to the moment of a school shooting massacre in Texas, we may have needed to have HBO Max move forward with this.

that damn michael che season 2

As He Had Mentioned Earlier About

“There is a small part of me that enjoys the thought that you could be terminated. It has made me aware that there is an element of risk involved in stand-up comedy. There had better be some sort of risk involved, because otherwise everybody else would just f—ing do it.” Right?!? If there were no repercussions, either social or financial, for expressing whatever you wanted to say under the cover of comedy, then what would stop anyone and everyone from doing it?

In contrast to what Ricky Gervais asserted in his Netflix special that was released this week, in which he defended his comedy as confronting “taboo themes,” but in reality he was just using it as an excuse to be an a-hole, Che asserts that he is an unintentional a-hole. In each new episode of the second season, it becomes clearer that Che has good intentions in his personal and professional life, but he continues to make things worse for himself in public. The punchline almost always lands in his lap.

Not to say that he or any of his cast mates don’t deliver some punchlines that really hit home. Che’s explanation to Kenan Thompson about his ridiculous hairdo and outfit was that he was getting money from Netflix for his mediocre pitch. Thompson, moments later, suggested that Che might have to move to Austin and “start slinging right-wing jokes” if he refused to apologise for his behaviour. Other examples include these.

No to both Sex and Skin

Sleeper Star of That Damn Michael Che Season 2

Due to the fact that Che has a revolving cast of guest stars, each episode provides numerous opportunities for a different comedian to take the spotlight. Reggie Conquest is the Che’s Misadventures character who gets the closest to being a recurring character and has the best chance of breaking out as a star in his own right.

Parting Shot

Over the closing credits, Che performs extra crowd work stand-up, making jokes about how he was unaware of Roseanne Barr’s cancellation or the woman Roseanne had criticised on Twitter. He also jokes about how he had no idea who Roseanne had attacked.

Our Call to That Damn Michael Che Season 2

STREAM IT. If you have never seen an episode of this series before, you should begin with Season 2 because it is far better than the first season. And if you have any concerns about Che, the show’s creator and star, Michael Che, addressed them head-on in the first episode of the new season, assuring un-Cosby, “If you’re a great guy, people will figure that out eventually.”

that damn michael che season 2

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