Temptation Island Couples Still Together? Where Can I View the Series?


Fans of the Temptation series wanted to know where the competitors from Season 3 of Temptation Island are now. On Tuesday, April 27, each pair chose whether they would leave the show together, with someone else, or alone. Read the article to learn more about Temptation Island Season 3: Where Are They Now?

Season Three of Temptation Island

Fox and USA Network’s Temptation Island is a reality television show in which multiple couples opt to live with a group of persons of the opposing sex in order to test the strength of their relationships. Several nations have adapted the Dutch television series Blind Vertrouwen (translated as Blind Faith) produced by Endemol. The third season of the comedy premiered on August 28, 2003, after a nearly two-year break. Season 3 earned similarly poor ratings as Season 2.

Season Three of Temptation Island Where Are They Present?

The Couple Chelsea and Thomas

Before appearing on Temptation Island’s reality TV show, Chelsea and Thomas had been dating for a year. They broke several rules for one other and kissed other individuals on the show, indicating that their relationship was never flawless. However, in the end, they both decided to stay together, work through their issues, and acknowledge that their relationship was a work in progress.

Chelsea and Thomas

Erica and Kendal

After nearly two and a half years of dating, Erica believed her partner to be “the one” Kendal questioned whether his boyfriend could keep up with his frantic schedule. As a result, Erica brought them to the island in an attempt to prove that things couldn’t be much worse, only to be devastated. Kendal cheated on Erica because he was not prepared to settle down with his spouse.

Erica and Kendal

The Pair Erin and Corey

Erin and Corey have been in a relationship for over a year and came to the series to resolve their relationship concerns. As time passed, they both understood that they might have fulfilled one other’s needs without making a mistake. After the reunion show, however, it became apparent that Corey had lied about maintaining contact with Amanda, a fellow islander, and the couple subsequently broke up.

Erin and Corey

Kristen and Julian

Kristen and Julian from New Jersey were the most stable couple in season three, as they have been together for eleven years. Kristen and Julian not only left the island together, but they are also now engaged to be married, despite a series of uncomfortable passing comments and hesitance from both parties that suggested they would end their relationship permanently.

Kristen and Julian

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Season 3 of Temptation Island: Who is Still Together?

Kristen and Julian

The couple got engaged on the show and released an Instagram video via Temptation Island in which Julian proposed to Kristen, to which she responded, “A thousand times yes, Julian” through tears. The couple plans to wed in July 2022, and their admirers are excitedly anticipating the event. Kristen Ramos and her high school beau Julian Allen were among the most famous couples on the show and participated in the competition to put their romance to the test. Kristen was disheartened by Julian’s infidelity, but she refused to dissolve their 11-year relationship.

Tiffany and Thomas

Thomas and Chelsea have developed meaningful relationships with other island residents, and they are still together at the final campfire. At the reunion episode, they decided to remain together, and things are going rather well between them. Lovebirds, Chelsea and Thomas, who had been dating for a year, participated in the show to put their love to the test. However, they quickly became entangled in interpersonal issues such as dependability and loyalty.

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Breakup of Temptation Island Season 3

Erica and Kendal

In light of the fact that Kendal was observed sleeping with two women on the bed at the same time during the course of the series, it’s not surprising that Erica was less than impressed with her partner’s behaviour. Then Erica decided to quit the programme, and Kendal left immediately with Alexcys Homan. Erica and Kendal, who have been together for nearly two years, have a turbulent relationship, and the programme brought out their worst fears. Erica was madly over heals with Kendal, but her boyfriend believed she would not be able to adapt to Kendal’s lifestyle.

Corey and Erin

Erin and Corey left Temptation Island together, but when they returned to their normal lives, they encountered the same issues as before. While Corey indicated a desire for their relationship to succeed, Erin replied, “I must withdraw.” Beginning with relationship challenges, Erin and her partner Corey looked to have resolved nearly all of their problems during the episode. However, things went bad when Corey disclosed in a reunion programme that he had lied to Erin about Amanda Spain-Butts, another participant with whom he is still in contact, culminating in the end of their relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does This Series Entail?

Multiple couples opt to live with a group of persons of the opposite sex in order to put their relationships to the test on the reality television show Temptation Island.

Where Can I View the Series?

Temptation Island is broadcast on both Fox and USA Network.

How Many Contestants Are in the Competition?

There are four competitors in this series.

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