Tabitha Brown Net Worth: How Much Income Does She Make From Her Career?

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Tabitha Brown emerged out of nowhere to assist people in coping. Vegan cuisine, catchphrases such as “that’s my business” and “like so, like that,” and motivational messages dominated the TikTok star’s channel. Tabitha also highlighted her life as an aspiring actress and mother in Los Angeles while she was married to Chance Brown.

Tabitha’s career took off when, during the epidemic, she became an internet star. Aunt Tab continually challenges herself to try new things. She stated that, following her success as an actor, she is now pursuing yet another childhood goal. This arrangement will augment Tabitha’s already enormous riches, assuming all goes well.

Who Is Tabitha Brown Exactly?

Tabitha Brown is a well-known actor in the United States who is well-known on social media. The 42-year-old North Carolina native has made cameo roles in a few independent films and television programmes, but her primary claim to fame is her work in social media.


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She has attracted 476,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she mostly posts comical videos but sometimes discusses serious topics such as veganism and public speaking.

In addition to having over three million Instagram followers and four million on TikTok, Tabitha is often referred to as “America’s mother.”

Her Early Years

Tabitha Brown was born in Eden, North Carolina on February 4, 1979. In addition, she is a United States citizen. She is of American descent. Her mother passed away in 2007. In addition, she founded her own Eden-based academy.

She promptly enrolled at Miami International University to study art and design after graduating from high school. She was an incredibly hard worker. We now understand why she launched her career during the lowest point in her personal life.

She began skipping classes and ultimately decided to stop attending college entirely. She ultimately moves to the Golden State. She eventually made Greensboro her permanent residence. Five years passed while she resided in Greensboro. 2002 marks her debut as a co-host in the late-night market. Her YouTube channel, Tabitha Brown, was also founded.

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Tabitha Brown’s acting career

Brown ultimately became an actress, appearing in several cameo roles in independent and direct-to-video films. She has appeared in a number of films, such as Caution to the Wind, I Am Still Here, I Hate LA, All Between Us, A Stone Cold Christmas, and Princess of the Row.


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She has also appeared on “Family Time,” “Black Jesus,” “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” “Switched at Birth,” “CH Originals,” “Will & Grace,” and “The Talk” as a guest star. Brown became an internet phenomenon after video herself eating a vegan BLT sandwich from Whole Foods Market in December 2017.

After the video went viral, the company recruited her to promote the company everywhere she travelled.

She launched a TikTok account in early March of 2020 and began uploading vegan recipes, family photos, cooking instructions, and motivational quotations. Brown gained two million TikTok followers in less than five weeks.

What is Tabitha Brown’s Net Worth?

Tabitha’s current net worth, as estimated by Exact Net Worth, is $4 million. Eden, a native of North Carolina who travelled to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. Tabitha worked a variety of petty jobs to support her family as she waited for her big break.

Additionally, the actress boosted her social media presence by launching a YouTube account and a Facebook fan page. Tabitha’s first ever viral video was a 2017 review of Whole Foods’ vegan BLT sandwich. As a result of the influencer’s increased clickthroughs, the company employed him or her as a public representative.

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Who is Her Husband?

Chance Brown, the spouse of Tabitha Brown, retired from the Los Angeles Police Department after fifteen years of service. In a video about her husband’s retirement, Brown appears really content. Meanwhile, popular talk show host Wendy Williams responded negatively to Brown’s statement in the video.

Actually, Brown wished for her husband, Chance, to finally pursue his love. Wendy confessed during the Thursday morning broadcast that she, too, had been in Brown’s position. She stated during the programme that she was married to one of them. According to Williams, once you pursue your passion, it will strain your marriage. She continued by stating that they risk losing money on their investments.

Brown responded quickly to Williams with a video in which she prayed for Wendy and professed her affection for her. To add salt to injury, she emphasised that this was not the norm for her. Choyce and Question Brown are Brown’s children with her spouse, Chance. She also cares for Chance’s daughter from his prior marriage.

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Who Has She Designed a Clothing Line With?

According to Essence, Tabitha revealed in May 2022 that she will collaborate with Target on a continuous line of “apparel, swimwear, accessories, home and office, food and kitchenware, and more.” The combo was directly inspired by the daring and eccentric style of the actress from The Conners.

Tabitha’s most recent effort combines her passions for cuisine, design, and fashion. She acknowledged the relationship when describing her collection because it assisted her in achieving a lifelong goal. Tabitha declared, “I have always like fashion.” “I began creating clothing in high school. I initially attended school for fashion design.”

The laureate of the NAACP Image Award claimed that she abandoned ambitions to pursue a fashion design career in favour of acting. Tabitha assured her father she would return to the ship. “When I’m famous, daddy, I’ll have a fashion line,” she recalls telling her father. “This is what I said to him. The time has come.”


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