Spiderhead: 6 Most Interesting Characters in This Prison Experiment!

Fans of the Netflix series Spiderhead have several characters to root for.

The science fiction film Spiderhead, which premiered on Netflix on 11 June 2022, depicts a horrifying future society in which the titular prison is permitted to administer deadly experimental drugs to inmates.

It is not surprising that the film’s most fascinating characters are typically the helpless inmates, such as Miles Teller’s Jeff and Jurnee Smollett’s Lizzy, who do not deserve the awful treatment they get at the hands of Chris Hemsworth’s pompous Steve Abnesti.

Intelligent characters such as Mark Verlaine, portrayed by Mark Paguio, and Heather, portrayed by Tess Haubrich, are also adored by viewers. So, let’s examine the key individuals who raised the film.

Chris Hemsworth in the Role of Steve Abnesti

Steve, the film’s primary adversary, is without a doubt the most intelligent character. He regularly invokes the bogus “Protocol Committee” as an excuse for his questionable treatment of captives, but it was all part of his plan for Spiderhead.

The fact that he made it possible for him to manufacture several drugs is more than sufficient evidence of his intelligence, despite the fact that the mechanism by which he did so is never disclosed. This demonstrates that having noble intents is not a prerequisite for having a high Intelligence.

Mark Paguio As Mark Verlaine

Throughout the film, Steve’s devoted assistant is mostly subservient to the villain, but as he begins to question the villain’s judgement even during an experiment with Lizzy, cracks begin to appear.

Mark is responsible for believing Steve’s claims that he would alter the world, but he eventually turns the situation around by the end of the film. The dependable assistant began working for the crook without anticipating how harmful and dreadful their investigations would be.

He is likeable due to his boldness, and it is easy to root for him because he portrays the outsider. In addition, Mark develops genuine relationships with inmates, as seen by his interactions with Jeff while refilling his MobiPak.

Miles Teller As Jeff

Indeed supportive of Steve, Jeff’s perspective on the Spiderhead is a terrible dystopian vision. Like everyone else, he follows Steve’s lies throughout the rest of the film, but he cannot escape the sensation that something is off.

Despite being the film’s courageous protagonist, several of Jeff’s sequences are quite irritating to watch. Even though he doesn’t deserve Steve’s manipulation, it’s unpleasant to see him “acknowledge” the bulk of the prescriptions the enemy wants to test.

In view of the fact that he was under the influence of a mind-altering substance at the time, Jeff’s level of perseverance in completing all of his responsibilities is remarkable.

Tess Haubrich in the Role of Heather

Heather was portrayed as an intelligent and not nearly as pretentious character who disobeys Steve’s directives without exception.

Heather’s snappy comebacks make every interaction with her immediately enjoyable to see. Heather’s revolt is even more crucial in retrospect, as it turns out that even the Spiderhead was merely experimenting with a mind-controlling chemical called “B-6.”

She creates an impression despite being a minor character due to her wit and occasional assistance to Jeff. The narrative takes a bizarre turn with Heather’s untimely and tragic death, which was directly caused by Darkenfloxx and her defective MobiPak.

Jurnee Smollett Performs As Lizzy

Lizzy is unquestionably the most likeable and captivating character in a film due to her positive attitude and undying love for Jeff. Lizzy is still intriguing despite the devastating news about her history, as it just helps to emphasise how far she has come.

She had also demonstrated her perceptiveness by recognising that Steve’s comments about “copper pots” should not detract from the fact that they were under his command as prisoners.

In addition, she interprets Jeff’s request to be excused from kitchen duties as an indication that he may be upset about someone or something.

Trailer for the film Spiderhead!

Take a look at this trailer to obtain a clear sense of these eerie experiments, whose characters are on an entirely different level.


What is Spiderhead’s Rating on the IMDB?

The rating of Spiderhead on IMDB is 5.4/10.

Who is Spiderhead’s Director?

Spiderhead is a film directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Who Wrote the Screenplay for the Film?

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wrote the screenplay for the film.

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While concurrently diving into a story about the prison system, consciousness, and the difficult decision to do what is right instead of what is expedient, Spiderhead generally maintains its absurd tone and delightfully entertaining graphics.

In Maverick, Kosinski made one of the year’s finest pictures; but, with the aid of an incredibly captivating plot and outstanding performances all around, he has produced one of the year’s finest summer films for the second consecutive year.

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