Spider Man No Way Home End Credits How Many: What Happens in the End Credits?


This weekend, it seems like everyone’s asking, “How many post-credits sequences are there in Spider-Man: No Way Home?” Who can forget Guardians 2 and its five post-credits scenes? Marvel has done the after-credits goodies quite a bit. and you definitely don’t want to sneak out of the movie theatre early to miss these terrible boys.

We’ll tell you in detail, without giving away any surprises, how many post-credits scenes there are in Spider-Man: No Way Home below. Additionally, there is some helpful information regarding how long you should stay to see them. That will prevent embarrassing glances in the direction of the door and chats with your buddies when you realise you missed Marvel’s extra bonus scene.

There are no Spider-Man: No Way Home spoilers here, so don’t worry.

Spider Man No Way Home End Credits How Many

How Many End-credit Scenes Are There in No Way Home?

In the movie, Peter uses Doctor Strange’s assistance to defeat all of the Spider-Man universe adversaries, as we saw in the trailer.

The movie has two end-credit scenes: the first is a preview for Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock from the Venom franchise.

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What Happens in the End Credits?

Naturally, Eddie finds it difficult to process all the rapid-fire occurrences. Eddie hears from Cristo about the infinity stones, Thanos, Iron Man, and other topics.

While the MCU’s most significant moments are briefly recapped for the audience, Eddie isn’t given the chance to learn more about the stories of this parallel reality. He returns to his starting point thanks to Doctor Strange’s second spell. However, as he disappears, a tiny drop of symbiote fluid is left on the bar, giving this world the chance to acquire its own Venom.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Sam Raimi will helm the film, which will follow the titular wizard as he deals with the consequences of his actions in No Way Home.

Many criticise Strange for interfering with the multiverse.

They remark, “Your violation of reality will not go unpunished,” and we are shown a variety of fascinating images. One of them shows Strange strolling through a bleak urban environment.

Spider Man No Way Home End Credits How Many

What Does the First spider-man: No Way Home post-credits Scene Mean?

What takes place in the opening post-credits sequence in Spider-Man: No Way Home? In the opening Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credits scene, Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy in Venom (2018) and Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021), makes a brief appearance. Eddie, who was delivered to the MCU’s Spider-Verse when Doctor Strange’s spell went awry, is in the scene at a bar on a beach in Mexico and quizzes the bartender about the MCU’s heroes and antagonists. He describes Thanos as an alien who “collects stones,” the Hulk as a man who is “green,” and Iron Man as wearing a “tin suit.”

By telling the bartender that aliens from his planet (a.k.a. Venom) don’t “collect stones” instead instead manipulate people’s brains, Eddie makes fun of Thanos. When the bartender reveals that Thanos caused him to lose his family for five years, Eddie begins to understand a little better what transpired after the snap. Eddie advises the bartender to locate Spider-Man in New York City in order to figure out how to get back to his planet. Venom informs Eddie that he is inebriated as he stands up. Eddie is also informed by the bartender that he must pay for his drink.

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However, before Eddie can do so, he disappears in a manner similar to how the Spider-Man characters played by Sam Raimi and Marc Webb disappeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home while the bartender gripes about how he knew Eddie wouldn’t pay. The camera pans in on a drop of black goo symbiote as it slides across the bar just as the Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credit scene concludes, dropping a hint that Venom will appear in the fourth MCU Spider-Man movie.

The post-credit scene for Spider-Man: No Way Home was added after the film’s producer, Amy Pascal, revealed in a November 2021 interview with Fandango that another Spider-Man trilogy starring Holland was in the works. She added, “This is not the final film we’ll produce with Marvel, and this is not the final Spider-Man film.” “We’re preparing to work with Tom Holland and Marvel on the upcoming Spider-Man film. This is being thought of as three films, and we will now move on to the following three. This is not the final film in the MCU series.

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