South Carolina Couple Arrested and What Happened to the South Carolina Couple?


South Carolina Couple Arrested: Nicholas and Mackenzie Spencer are accused of abusing their foster child and are now also being charged with aggravated child trafficking. In this article, we’ll talk about the news that a couple in South Carolina was arrested. So, please read all the way to the end of this article to find out a lot about the South Carolina Couple Arrested news.

South Carolina Couple Arrested

Nicholas and Mackenzie Spencer are charged with aggravated child trafficking and are also accused of torturing the foster child they took in.

Several news sources say that a South Carolina couple living in Uganda has been charged with aggravated child trafficking and torturing their 10-year-old foster son. If they were found guilty, they would be put to death.

Who Are South Carolina Couples?

Nicholas and Mackenzie Spencer, both 32, have lived and worked in the Kampala, Uganda, area since 2017, when they moved there to do humanitarian work. In 2018, they got three foster kids from a Christian group close by.

South Carolina Couple Arrested

A police report from Uganda from December 13 says that the Spencers sometimes made their 10-year-old foster child “squat in an unnatural position” and kept him “barefoot and naked throughout the day.” They also made him sleep on a wooden platform with nothing to put on it.

What Happened To The South Carolina Couple?

In 2017, Nicholas Spencer, who used to work for Congress, and his wife Mackenzie, who used to work as a healthcare consultant, left their jobs in Washington, DC, and moved to Uganda. Five years later, when they were arrested for child abuse, the news spread all over the world.

Ugandan authorities say that the Spencers didn’t give the HIV-positive child a place to sleep, warm food, clothes, or an education. The Daily Monitor quotes the police as saying that the foster parents kept the child because they “abused a position of vulnerability for exploitation.” Before going to the capital, the foster parents took care of the kids while they were in Jinja.

Are The South Carolina Couple In Jail?

The South Carolina couple is being held in a maximum security jail in Uganda.

South Carolina Couple Arrested

The Uganda Police Force says that they tortured their 10-year-old foster boy because they said he was “obstinate, hyperactive, and mentally unstable.”

South Carolina Couple Death Penalty

The state prosecutor told the couple in court on Wednesday that if they were found guilty of the counts of child trafficking, they could get the death penalty. Reuters says that a lawyer for the two has denied the claims and called the investigation by the prosecution a “fishing expedition.”


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