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Sony Working on 25 New PS5 Games, Characters Like Never Before!!


Sony hopes to release more than 25 PlayStation 5 games under its PlayStation Studios brand. According to Wired’s interview with PlayStation Studio boss (and former guerrilla managing director) Hermen Hulst (Hermen Hulst), “almost half” of these games will not be sequels or spin-offs. For PS5, adding 21 more games can be a big problem, especially considering how slow the exclusive launch is. Gran Turismo has slipped into next year.

However, Sony may not be able to produce all inexplicable games. The PlayStation Studios branding is a bit vague. When it was first released, Eric Lempel, head of global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, told GamesIndustry.biz that the branding “doesn’t mean that we own the developers entirely, it just means that we raised you as the first developer, party. In many cases, we don’t have developers. “

In particular, standalone games wired with name removal features released by third-party studios in cooperation with Sony Studios, including upcoming games “Kena: Bridge of the Spirit” and Haven Studios. It is unclear whether these titles and others like them will count toward the numbers above 25. Sony did not immediately respond to a request for clarification.

Also, if Haven Studios sounds unfamiliar, it’s because it was founded in March when well-known industry figure Jade Raymond closed down her Stadia development studio and left Google. This shows that we haven’t seen some of these games for a long time. Hulst mentioned that some games will be small but may take less time to develop. Also, many games will no longer be part of the existing franchise, which is very exciting for non-AAA enthusiasts like myself and can ease all concerns that these games may take ten years to launch.

Although the games are not necessarily their games, this is not necessarily bad: Returnal is a PlayStation Studios game created by third-party developers. It is an example of the original game and has been widely received since its launch.

It’s also worth noting that these games are not necessarily exclusive to the PS5. MLB: Show 21 is a PlayStation Studios game on Xbox, and Horizon Zero Dawn already has a PC port (somewhat problematic). Sony also stated that it is interested in introducing more games on PCs in the future. Of course, some games will be released on both PS4 and PS5 – we know that “Forbidden West” will be released on the older PlayStation.

Despite all the caveats, it’s gratifying that Sony is developing several games for the PS5, which may be way beyond what we’ve heard. Sony’s latest financial report shows that Sony has sold 7.8 million PS5s. So many customers are looking for an experience that can justify the cost of the PS5, and Sony seems to be working hard to make sure its foundation is met.

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