Snuffy the Raccoon Face Reveal: Let’s Find Out More About Her Real-life Face Reveal!


Snuffy the Raccoon Face Reveal: Snuffy is a Twitch and Vtuber star with his own group of fans. People knew her from her Tiktok and Pokemon card streams. We’ll talk about Snuffy’s face reveal, real name, age, height, boyfriend, and a lot more in this article. Read this article all the way through to find out more about Snuffy Face reveal.

What is Snuffy’s Real Name?

At this point, Snuffy hadn’t even told anyone her fake name. Snuffy is a character from YouTube who also streams on Twitch. Her large group of devoted fans like her dry sense of humor. Snuffy’s social media accounts didn’t have any information about herself.

Snuffy the Raccoon Face Reveal

We’ll assume that she can quickly remember both her face and her real name. She is very active on Twitter and Instagram, two social media sites. She joined Twitter in 2020, and in just a few months, she had more than 87,000 followers.

Snuffy the Raccoon Face Reveal

Snuffy is known for her high-pitched voice, shrill laugh, and natural sense of humor. She has more than 253.9k thousand followers on Twitch and more than 253k subscribers on YouTube.

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Snuffy’s true identity is not yet known to those that follow her. She gave no indication at all that she would be exposing her face to the world. She hasn’t been revealed in any of the several videos with the title “snuffy face reveal,” as you may have noticed.

Snuffy Age

At this point, it is not possible to guess when she was born or how old she is. She is much younger than 20, though. You can only find her birthday and the month she was born in on the Internet. The first time she got a wish was on February 24.

Snuffy Height

During the time she has been streaming, Snuffy has made a lot of cameos. She is now a raccoon girl, which is why she has shoulder-length brown hair, an amber mask, pointed teeth, and amber eyes.

She wears a grey t-shirt with a picture of a raccoon skull, a black leather choker, a black and orange hoodie, black knee-high socks, and black Converse sneakers with a platform. She started out as a pink catgirl with long pink hair and a pastel pink and blue goth look. She had long, pink hair.

Snuffy the Raccoon Face Reveal

In October 2020, she wore a Witch costume made by BlueBirdHay. It had shoulder-length hair. Since then, Snuffy’s hair has always been cut shorter in all of his different forms.

In December 2020, she showed off a new winter outfit and recolor made by BlueBirdHay. With this outfit, she got a long, fluffy tail and a blue and white color scheme. Since then, every picture of Snuffy since then has shown him with a fluffy tail.

Who is Snuffy’s Boyfriend?

Snuffy hasn’t said anything about her boyfriend or about whether or not she is in a relationship with anyone else. Even though she has a large group of friends, no one knows anything about her dating life. Shine, Nyanners, Veibae, Ironmouse, Silvervale, Bunny GIF, BlueBirdHay, and Projekt Melody are all YouTubers who get along with Snuffy.

She has a cute cat named Kimchi, who can often be seen on Snuffy’s Wednesday-night Livestream of opening Pokémon cards. Sometimes, Snuffy calls her fellow YouTubers her “waifus.” The idea has been brought up that Veibae might ask Snuffy to marry him.


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