Smihub: What are the alternatives to Smihub? New Updates!

These days, social media analytics tools are very popular. People who are not digital marketers use a variety of tools to access and acquire data from social media profiles. It is a tool for analysing social media accounts that is gaining popularity by the day.

However, the majority of its users have questions about its legitimacy, such as “Is it Legitimate?” Is it entirely free? How Is It to Be Used? Is it used as a stalking tool? …and so on. In this article, we will examine it and respond to the questions raised previously. I hope you enjoy it and that it clears up any confusion.

Exactly what is Smihub?

It is a specialised tool for analysing the Instagram accounts of any individual of your choosing. It enables anonymous viewing of, among other things, films, photographs, reels, stories, likes, follows, and comments. This indicates that the account holder will not be aware of your visit to his story. You can also download and save the stories of others on your device.

Smi Hub, a new analytical tool introduced on 10 October 2018, is steadily gaining popularity. Recent research indicates that its monthly traffic is 25 million.

What are the key features of Smihub?

Let us examine a few of the highlights:

  • It enables you to view Instagram stories incognito.
  • Additionally, you can download the films, stories, and images.
  • Examine your followers, comments, and likes in great detail.
  • It will enable you to browse Instagram accounts anonymously.
  • It is a completely open-source and free platform.
  • Smi Hub is a clean, buffer-free, and user-friendly application.

Is Smihub a fee-based or no-cost service?

It is a totally gratis platform! It is completely free to download and utilise. Additionally, there are no expensive upgrade options, so you can use all of the features without cost.

You must take the following steps to download Instagram videos or stories from another user:

  • Visit the current homepage.
  • Find the account you wish to examine immediately.
  • After selecting the images or videos, click the download button.
  • It will be downloaded automatically to your phone.

What Do Smihub’s Users Have to Say?

Several of my acquaintances who utilise SmiHub Instagram have been interviewed. According to their comments, the website is legitimate and delivers on its promises. You can read stories and view someone’s comments, favourites, and followers anonymously.

However, the vast majority of users employ it for stalking rather than business or promotion. However, it performs its function admirably.

Is Smihub fraudulent?

Yes, this social media analysis tool is legitimate and not a scam. It does not keep track of your IP address, Instagram activity, or location. Additionally, it does not charge you any money. Furthermore, only 10% of the items it claims to offer are authentic. Therefore, you can utilise it without worrying about financial risks or ethical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the alternatives to Smihub? is one of the best Instagram account analysis tools. There is an alternative if you are still unsure or wish to try something new. IMAGINE is a substitute for Smi Hub.

Q2: Is it Safe to Use Smihub?

It is a no-cost, open-source platform with no licencing fees. It is an easy-to-use, trustworthy, and authentic tool for conducting in-depth research on Instagram accounts. With, you can anticipate the desired outcomes without fear of fraud.

Q3. Are Smihub and Dumpor synonymous?

Yes, SmiHub and Dumpor refer to the identical platform. Formerly known as Smi Hub, the name has recently been changed to Dumper. However, the capabilities and offerings of the tool remain unchanged.

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