Sing 3 Release Date: Is The Upcoming Sequel Will Be Coming This Year?


Buster Moon, the proprietor of the Moon Theatre, is the protagonist of the Illumination-produced “Sing” animated film franchise. Buster holds a singing competition concert to prevent the foreclosure of his theatre.

Due to the success of his competition, his theatre is rescued, and the winners join his business. Despite the numerous obstacles they confront, Buster and his bandmates make an effort to perform with a long-forgotten rock legend.

The ‘Sing’ films, directed by Garth Jennings, give a fun and uplifting experience by seeing Buster and his friends overcoming problems via teamwork.

These films have gotten a significant deal of positive feedback from both audiences and critics, particularly regarding the excellent voice casts, captivating soundtracks, and inspiring plots.

“Sing 2’s” finale gives much potential for a third party. Consequently, viewers are probably interested in the same options. In that case, allow me to provide you with all the relevant information!

Sing 3 Date Of Publication

On December 22, 2021, Universal Pictures hosted the premiere of “Sing 2” in theatres around the United States. The film made its worldwide debut on November 14, 2021, at the AFI Fest Celebration, which marked its first public screening.

The anticipated release date for the second episode of this film franchise was either December 25, 2020, or July 2, 2021. However, both dates have been postponed due to the massive COVID-19 infection.

The following is now known about the impending third chapter of this film franchise: The production studio for the Sing franchise, Illumination, has not yet announced the third instalment.

Despite this, there is a strong possibility that the film will be produced. Many of the franchise’s voice performers have stated their desire for the production of the third edition of the “Sing” film series in the near future.

Even Matthew McConaughey, who provides his voice as Buster Moon, has expressed interest in contributing to the soundtrack of a potential third instalment of the “Sing” trilogy.

Scarlett Johansson and Tori Kelly, who play Ash and Meena, have expressed a willingness to appear in the third instalment of the franchise. Scarlett Johansson and Tori Kelly have both shown interest in Dolly Parton joining the film’s cast.

The conclusion of “Sing 2,” which allows opportunity for a third film and has a large theatre expressing interest in Buster and his group’s production, making the prospect of a third film appear quite intriguing.

Therefore, we can assume that ‘Sing 3’ will visit theatres in 2024 or later if the film is approved for production.

Who Are the Sing 3 Voice Actors?

If “Sing 3” is produced, the voices of Matthew McConaughey (Buster Moon), Reese Witherspoon (Rosita), Scarlett Johansson (Ash), Taron Egerton (Johnny), Tori Kelly (Meena), Nick Kroll (Gunter), and Nick Offerman (Norman) are likely to be used. Garth Jennings (Miss Crawly), Peter Serafinowicz (Big Daddy), Chelsea Peretti (Suki), Adam Buxton (Klaus Kickenklober), Letitia Wright (Nooshy), and Eric André (Darius) may also voice parts in the upcoming third film.

Halsey (who plays Porsha Crystal), Pharrell Williams (who plays Alfonso), and Bono (who plays Clay Calloway) may reprise their roles as voice actors if the film is produced.

Once the studio gives the film the green light, we may expect many new voices to join the cast. Even though their participation is not specified, we can hope that they will participate. Additionally, there is a possibility that Bobby Cannavale will resume his role as Jimmy Crystal.

What Might The Plot Of Sing 3 Be About?

In “Sing 2,” the second part in the Sing film series, the main characters, Buster and his group, travel to Redshore City to perform. However, their presentation to entertainment business magnate Jimmy Crystal fails to sway his opinion.

In the interim, Gunter is collaborating on a second programme proposal with Clay Calloway, a rock star who has not been seen in 15 years. Crystal, impressed by the plan, declares that she would host the show and demands that the company complete the project.

After Ash persuades a hesitant Calloway to join in the performance, the remaining members of the group begin the production. While Buster pursues his objectives, he and his pals encounter numerous challenges, but they ultimately prevail.

At the conclusion of the film, a huge theatre expresses interest in staging the performance, providing optimism for the continuance of the show and the group. If the proposal is approved, “Sing 3” may follow Buster and the company on a new voyage as they play in a major theatre.

Buster ultimately achieves success in Redshore City after overcoming significant obstacles throughout his path. The third edition of this film trilogy may focus on his efforts to maintain the program’s success in a new venue.

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It is logical to assume that Ash and Meena will continue to encounter challenging circumstances. Even after Crystal is apprehended, it is possible that he will reappear to harm Buster.

If there were a third edition in this video series, our best wish would be that Buster would transmit some of his experience, as well as his sense of humour and optimism, on how he overcomes any challenge.

Sing 2 Movie Recap

Never content with his life, Buster Moon travels to Redshore City (their Las Vegas) in search of more excitement! But Suki, a talent scout, doesn’t like the Alice In Wonderland performance he creates, so he sends the gang to Redshore City to audition for Jimmy Crystal, who doesn’t like Buster’s idea either.

Clay Calloway and Gunter are his favourite artists, but how can they be combined? Jimmy has been purchased. Buster has only a few weeks to create a whole performance and convince Clay Calloway to return from a 15-year absence.

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