Sienna Miller Net Worth: Is Sienna Miller in Relationship?

As a Child

On December 28th, 1981, Sienna Rose Diana Miller was born in New York City. She and her family moved to London about 18 months later. Her parents are American bankers and art dealers, and her mother is a former model from South Africa. Sienna’s parents split in 1987, and she moved to Parsons Green with her older sister, Savannah.

Miller honed her lacrosse skills while attending boarding schools as a child. Sienna was a “rebel” in high school because she smoked and drank frequently. She was instantly hired as a model in Germany after graduating from high school. As a result of receiving the payment, she moved to New York City and enrolled in acting training at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

Sienna Miller Career

Sienna Miller NET WORTH

As a model, Miller debuted in the entertainment industry by appearing in Vogue, Nylon, Marie Claire, and Porter Edit before working with Coca-Cola. In 2003, she made a splash by posing topless for the Pirelli Calendar, which helped launch her career.

Even as early as 2001, she started securing playing roles in films like “South Kensington.” She appeared in shows like “The American Embassy,” “Bedtime,” and “Keen Eddie” during this period. In 2004, she began dating Jude Law, and her parts started to come more effortlessly after that. Miller had a prominent role in “Layer Cake” before appearing in “Alfie.”

She was beginning to lose faith in the entertainment industry when featured in “The Edge of Love.” When she finished filming G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, she decided to break from the industry, finally landing a central role in “After Miss Julie.” Actors such as Casanova, Factory Girl, and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh followed with different functions.

Sienna’s appearances in films including “The Catcher Was a Spy,” “21 Bridges,” and “The Loudest Voice” had garnered her critical acclaim since 2018. “The Girl,” “Two Jacks,” and “Just Like a Woman” are just a few of the films in which she returned to the big screen in 2012. Additionally, he was cast as a character in the movie “Mississippi Grind” and “Unfinished Business.”

Along with her sister Savannah, a professional fashion designer, Miller has created her own fashion business. In her acting career, she has taken on several modeling roles. Her two-year deal with Pepe Jeans London began in 2006, and she has been there ever since. Hugo Boss’ latest fragrance ambassador was named in 2009, and she was revealed as part of the team. The fashion chain Lindex teamed with her in 2016. She appears in a Gucci photoshoot in the year 2020.

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Sienna Miller Relationships

Sienna Miller’s “on-again, off-again” relationship with Jude Law is what most people know about her. The two got engaged in 2004, but the romance ended after Law revealed he had an affair with the nanny who looked after his children. We tried to save our relationship, but in 2006, Law and Miller broke up. In 2009, they reunited, only to part ways again in 2011. He previously had relationships with Balthazar Getty and Tom Sturridge, well-known actors. In 2012, she gave birth to a child with Sturridge.


Sienna Miller NET WORTH

Sienna Miller’s history with the media has been lengthy and tumultuous. She has long been an outspoken opponent, a critic of tabloid press and paparazzi journalism. The 2011 phone-hacking case, in which she was awarded 100,000 pounds in damages, was perhaps the most notorious example. The hacking of her phone by the News of the World was exposed. The Leveson Inquiry heard testimony from her as well, in which she complained of being pursued and harassed by photographers.

Sienna Miller Property Investment

According to reports, Miller bought a “country getaway” in Gloucestershire, England, in 2009. Her sister Savannah, who operates a thriving fashion line, lives nearby, making it convenient for her to go to work. Jude Law was Sienna Miller’s fiancé at the time, and it was claimed that she was selling a London home to move in with him.

Sienna Miller is said to have put her London property on the market in 2018 while also renting it out to potential tenants. Miller paid 2.7 million pounds for this house in 2011 and put it on the market for 3 million pounds in 2014. However, she was unable to sell the house, and in 2018 she reduced the asking price to 2.75 million pounds from the original 3.25 million pounds. She also opted to rent the property out for 2,000 pounds per month as a side hustle to supplement her income. She would have scarcely made any money if she had been able to sell the house.

A “weekend hideaway” in the Hamptons owned by Miller was put on the market for $11.25 million in 2019. The 6,760-square-foot mansion in Sag Harbor, New York, boasts Italian cabinetry, marble finishes, and lofty ceilings. There are various decks and patios outside, as well. For guests, there is an additional cabana by the infinity pool.

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What Does Sienna Miller Do With the Money She Makes?

Sienna Miller NET WORTH

Sienna Miller likes to donate to charity and buy expensive cars with her money.

The Charity of Sienna Miller’s Work

Broadway Cares/Equity Fight AIDS Cancer Research UK Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project Global Cool International Medical Corps Nordoff Robbins, and Oxfam are some of the organizations Miller has supported.

Cars of Sienna Miller

Lexus GS and Audi TT are two of Miller’s most well-known automobile acquisitions.

Sienna Miller’s Net Worth

An English actress, model, and fashion designer, Sienna Miller, has $18 million. Miller began her career as a model, even though she became a great actress. She became a household name after appearing in “Vogue” in Italy and a topless Pirelli calendar photo in 2003. “Layer Cake” and “Alfie” were two of Sienna Miller’s first films as an actor the following year. “Factory Girl,” “The Edge of Love,” and “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” came soon after.

Miller has received numerous accolades throughout her career, including nominations for the BAFTA Rising Star Award, the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actress, and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film. The Girl,” “Foxcatcher,” “American Sniper,” and “Mississippi Grind” marked Sienna’s comeback to acting after a hiatus caused by her discontent with the media attention she was receiving. Actors like “American Woman,” “Live by Night,” and “The Loudest Voice” starred in her in the latter half of 2010.

Here Are Some of Sienna Miller’s Greatest Achievements:


  • Cake with a lot of layers (Movie, 2004)
  • The elusive substance is known as “stardust” (Movie, 2007)
  • The sniper from the United States (Movie, 2014)
  • Burned to a crisp (Movie, 2015)
  • Typical American Female (Movie, 2018)

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Sienna Miller Teaches Us Three Life Lessons.

Here are some of the things we can learn from Sienna Miller’s net worth and how she made it to where she is today:

Taking It Easy Is the First Step

People are now so engrossed in the minutiae of other people’s lives that they will read anything. And some are willing to give up their life for it.


On the verge of love, people make decisions based on their feelings, not their intellect.

 Have a Positive Attitude

It’s all about your level of happiness, and that’s a big deal. When you’re happy, people forget about your flaws and shortcomings. It’s the best of the best.

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