Sha Ek Net Worth: How Old is Rap Artist Sha Ek? 2022

American rapper and songwriter from the Bronx, New York, Sha EK has a net worth of $100,000 as of 2022. Sha Ek is the most recent in a long line of excellent drill-rappers to emerge from one of the most hazardous neighbourhoods.

He is one of the most popular young artists in the nation, and he began rapping at age 15. Since launching his career in 2018, Sha EK has amassed a big online following and released successful tunes.

Sha EK rose to prominence after releasing hit songs such as “D&D” and “In The Function.” The rapper’s music videos featuring humans have already been viewed by millions of people.

The Net Worth of Sha Ek

According to shstrendz, Sha EK’s net worth in 2022 is approximately $100,000. His hit songs have already gained him considerable notice, as he is one of the most popular new musicians among young people.

The majority of his income comes from the music industry, including hit singles, live performances, collaborations with other artists, and his YouTube channel. Sha EK launched his YouTube account on October 13, 2019.

Sha EK has uploaded numerous popular music videos on his channel, including “We Droppin,” “New Opps,” “SHOT IN THE PARTY,” “To OPPY,” “Shit Crazy,” and “Get Back.”

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Early Years

Sha EK was born in 2003 and raised in the Bronx, a New York City area. The Bronx has always been a dangerous location for children to grow up, and this has not improved significantly over time. This indicates that as a child, Sha EK was surrounded by crime and violence on the street. He was born in Honduras.

He attempted to occupy himself temporarily by honing his basketball skills, but his efforts were unsuccessful. After losing a championship game, Sha EK went slightly insane and quit the sport for good.


At that age, thirteen, he decided to begin earning money on the side. From then on, Sha EK encountered problems virtually everywhere he went. He engages in combat with his old friend B-Lovee and another individual, K Flock.

B-Lovee and Sha EK grew up together in the Bronx. However, it was not Sha EK’s friend Dot who introduced him to Dougie B and K Flock. Initially, these men got along swimmingly and even collaborated on a few independent tracks, like “Back Out The Knocks.

A short time later, street politics drove them apart, and they are now on opposing sides. The Blockwork teamed with Sha on his chart-topping single “D&D.”

During an interview approximately one year ago, Sha appeared to insinuate that Blockwork had betrayed one of their crew members, thereby opening the field.

But other rumours persist that Sha EK underpaid Blockwork for his contribution to their successful song. Sha fought back as the manager of Blockwork continued to assert that he had signed Sha EK.

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Music Industry

At the beginning of his rap career, Sha EK had little interest in music. When he was young, he and his buddies, including B-Lovee, would practise freestyle on the block where they resided.

But when Sha EK witnessed the bodies stacking up around him and lost more and more close friends, he realised he had to find a method to alter his circumstances so he wouldn’t end up the same.

Before he became a superstar, Sha EK published his first tracks as “Jiggy Man.” However, nobody has ever heard any of these tunes. His music career began when his friend DJ Glizzy took him to the studio, and he never wanted to leave.

During this time, he was unsuccessful in the music industry. He resumed his usual speaking voice and became a million times more aggressive. Then the hard-hitting drill bars were released, and people began listening to his music immediately.

Soon, Sha EK would add “Jiggy Man” in the title of one of his most popular songs, such as “Jiggy Man This, Jiggy Man That.” His debut album was titled JIIGYONJIIGY.

HE SAYS Sha EK also signed a record deal at 16 years old. A few months later, he signed a deal for a large sum of money. Since he knew he couldn’t live in the Bronx forever, he utilised the money to buy his mother a new home outside the borough.
ek’s net worth

Sha EK continued to release weekly music videos, including “Get Back,” “One in the Head,” “New Opps,” and “To Oppy.” His drill label is called OGE, which stands for Original Goons Entertainment.

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Frequently Asked Question

How Old is Rap Artist Sha Ek?

Sha Ek, also referred to as African boy, jiggy man, wedgie man, and Courtland crew king, was born on April 8, 2003 in the Bronx, New York. He has 19 years of age.

What is Sha Ek’s actual name?

Sha Ek, whose true name is Chalim Perry, is the next champion to emerge from the Bronx. Two New York-area residents sing and rap. Numerous hit singles have helped him acquire a large fan base.

From where in the Bronx does Sha Ek originate?

Born Chalim Perry to Honduran parents, Sha EK spent the majority of his childhood in the South Bronx community of Melrose. At age 15, while going around his neighbourhood, he was shot in the leg. This is what prompted him to videotape the current drill we hear.

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