Sergey Brin Net Worth 2022: How Much of Alphabet Does Google’s Owner, Sergey Brin, Own?

Sergey Brin is an entrepreneur and computer scientist who helped found Google, a highly valuable search engine.

In 1998, Sergey and Larry Page founded a search engine to simplify people’s lives.

The website currently has over a billion users, and it continues to expand and add new products and services.

Initial Years

21 August 1973, in Moscow, Russia, Sergey was born. He was the child of Jewish parents. His father, Michael Brin, taught mathematics, and his mother, Eugenia Brin, was a NASA Goddard Space Flight Center researcher.

Sergey Brin Net Worth 2022

In search of a better life, his family immigrated to the United States when he was only six years old.

Sergey attended the Paint Branch Montessori School in Maryland.

After graduating from Eleanor Roosevelt High School, he attended the University of Maryland to study computer science and mathematics. In 1993, he earned a Bachelor of Science from college.

The National Science Foundation subsequently awarded him a graduate fellowship, which he utilised to attend Stanford University. In addition, he has taken a break from his university studies since 2008.

Sergey Brin Profession

Brin and Page’s primary objective is to find a way to improve the World Wide Web. The topic of Larry’s dissertation was “a new way to crawl the web,” and Sergey quickly joined him. Initially, they developed BackRub, a search engine.

In September 1998, however, when they purchased the domain name “Googol,” Sergey Brin’s wealth increased in a new way.

Google went public on August 20, 2004, after receiving $400,000 from their graduate professor at Stanford, David Cheriton, and $400,000 from Andy Bechtolsheim.

Since it is now common knowledge that Google is the “most powerful internet company” for online search and a duopoly, more than a billion people use Google daily. This includes services such as search, maps, Gmail, and YouTube.

With Google’s monopoly strategies, Sergey Brin’s wealth continues to rise. The company consistently outperforms its rivals.

Similarly, Sergey Brin’s wealth underwent a major transformation. He served as the head of technology at Google for ten years. He later became the President of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

Currently, he is very interested in the robotics lab at his company. Now, Sergey Brin devotes all of his money and time to’s charitable efforts.

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Biography of Sergey Brin

In 2007, Sergey Brin married Anne Wojcicki, who also owned an internet business; they remained married until 2015. There are two children in the household.

Sergey developed feelings for Nicole Shanahan in 2015. They got married in 2018 and now have a child. The relationship ended in January 2022.

People assert that Elon Musk and Nicole had an affair. Sergey Brin’s wealth has also enabled him to donate to numerous charitable causes.

Sergey Brin’s Accomplishments

In 2002, MIT Technology Review ranked him among the top 100 innovators under the age of 35 worldwide.

In 2004, both founders won the prestigious Marconi Foundation Prize and joined the Marconi Foundation at Columbia. In the same year, he also received the Chicago American Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award.

In 2009, Forbes ranked him as the fifth most powerful person in the world.

Sergey received an honorary MBA from IE Business School due to his membership in the National Academy of Engineering.

The IEEE Computer Society awarded Brin the Pioneer Award in 2018.

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Sergey Brin’s Wealth

Sergey Brin’s net worth is a staggering $98 billion. He is one of the most powerful people in the world. He owns six percent of the company Alphabet.

The majority of his 10 billion dollar worth of shares have been sold. Sergey and Larry are each compensated $1 by their employer, Alphabet. He owns Tesla and 23andMe shares, and in 2006 he invested $40 million in Tesla.

In 2008, he spent $8.5 million on a penthouse in New York City’s West Village. Sergey Brin is sufficiently wealthy to own private properties in numerous locations.

One is located in Los Altos Hills. Aside from that, he owns a $80 million yacht named Dragonfly. Additionally, the founder owns a customised Boeing 767-200 and Dornier Alpha. 50 individuals assist him with his daily needs. There are fitness instructors, professional photographers, and yacht captains, among others.

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Frequent Requested Information

How much does Sergey Brin make at Alphabet?

$1 is Sergey Brin’s total compensation at Alphabet. He is Alphabet’s President, Co-Founder, and Director. The highest-paid executive at Alphabet is Ruth Porat, whose salary is $47,292,000.

How much of Alphabet does Google’s owner, Sergey Brin, own?

Brin owns approximately 6 percent of Alphabet, the company that owns Google, the largest search engine in the world. Since Alphabet and Google went public in 2004, he has sold approximately $9 billion worth of shares. Brin possesses both Class B and Class C Alphabet shares. He owns 19 million shares of Class C.

What is his identity?

Alphabet Inc., the company that owns Google, is led by Brin. Forbes ranked Sergey Brin as the fifth most powerful person in the world in 2009. He has a net worth of $98 billion.


Google, one of the most popular and well-known search engines in the world, was co-founded by Sergey Brin.

Over a billion people use his company’s services, and its products will continue to be a part of our daily lives as the company expands.

As of July 2022, Sergey Brin has a net worth of approximately $98 billion.

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