Season 4 of Startup: Do You Know the Real Cause of Its Cancellation?

The first episode of the American drama series StartUp, which was made by Ben Ketai, came out on the streaming service Crackle in September 2016. Since then, two more seasons came out in 2017 and 2018, and on May 4, 2021, all three seasons were added to Netflix. After it was put on Netflix, there was a renewed interest in the show, and many people are wondering if and when there will be a fourth season.

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The series got mixed reviews from critics, mostly because it wasn’t very original. However, Netflix viewers loved it, and it quickly made it into Netflix’s Top 10 after it came out in 2021. After only a year on Netflix, the three-season show will be taken off the streaming service in May 2022 in the US, Canada, and Australia, among other places. Many fans had thought that Netflix might pick up the show and make another season. It looks like Netflix doesn’t want to keep making the show, but that doesn’t mean that another production company won’t in the future.

season 4 of startup

StartUp Season 4: Date of Release and Status of Renewal

After the start of the third season in November 2018, the show was officially cancelled. Now, after more than 3 years, the original network is thinking about bringing the show back. Bill Rouhana, the head of the company that owns Crackle, said in July that they had talked to the show’s creators about a possible fourth season. So far, that conversation hasn’t led to anything, which is sad.

Season 4 of StartUp: The Cast

Even though it might be hard to get the whole original cast back together, most of the main cast should come back for season 4 of StartUp. Adam Brody will play Nick Talman again, Otmara Marrero will play Izzy Morales again, and Edi Gathegi will play Ronald Dacey again. Ron Perlman, who plays Wes Chandler, and Addison Timlin, who plays his on-screen daughter Mara Chandler, are also likely to be back for the fourth season. After NSA agent Mira Sorvina died in the third season, guest star Rebecca Stroud is not expected to come back as her.

Given how long the show has been off the air, you can expect to see a lot of new cast members and guest stars if it comes back.

Season 4 of StartUp:  Story

At the end of the third episode, things took a surprising turn. Ronald Dacey and Mara Chandler were able to get $100 million from Saginaw, but a bug caused them to lose 60 million members. Because of this, the investors and the company got into a fight. In the last episode, Nick Talman killed Rebecca Stroud, which made things worse between the three partners. The victim said that she was not a member of the NSA before she died.

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In Season 4, Izzy, Ronald, and Nick will work together to figure out how to put Aratech back together. This time, they have to deal with problems from the outside, like interference from the government and danger from the criminal underworld. The founders of the company have to look out for their own interests at the same time, which could cause trouble within the company. Also, Mara, Ron’s daughter, will continue to face some unexpected problems in future seasons.

season 4 of startup

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StartUp got a new lease on life when it came to Netflix earlier this year. After being off the air for years, there are signs that it might come back, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be on Netflix. So far, here’s what we know.

The first three seasons of StartUp came out on Netflix on May 4, 2021, but only the first two seasons were available in the UK. The show quickly moved up the top 10 charts. In fact, as of August 23, the show is the 50th best-performing TV show of 2021. It stayed in the top 10 in the US for 28 days.

The show started out as one of the most popular ones on Sony’s streaming service Crackle, which has since been sold.

Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, Adam Brody, and Addison Timlin were just some of the big names who were going to be on the show.

Now that all three seasons are on Netflix, there is suddenly a lot of interest in a fourth season, which could be coming soon.

Will StartUp have a fourth season?

So, the show was officially over after the third season, which aired in November 2018.

Now, years later, Insider found out that the show might come back, or at least that the network that made it is thinking about it.

Ashley Rodriguez was able to talk to Bill Rouhana, the head of Crackle’s parent company Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, for the piece. We recommend you check it out, but be aware that it is behind a paywall.

Back in July, Bill Rouhana told Insider that they’re thinking about bringing the show back, and that they’ve talked to the show’s creators about doing more.

Given how long it’s been since season 3, bringing back the original cast would probably be hard, but talks are happening.

Rouhana also said that more Crackle titles could be licenced to Netflix in the future. She said that the Netflix bump made the series more popular on Crackle as well.

Now, a big warning about getting too excited about a Sony TV project. In the past few years, there have been rumours that a number of popular Sony TV shows would get movies or reboots, but most of these haven’t come true.

Last year, a lot of people wanted Hannibal to be brought back after it got a huge popularity boost when it was added to Netflix. However, the show hasn’t been brought back, and rumours of a Community movie have been going around for a long time, but nothing has happened yet.

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Even if Crackle does decide to keep the show going, that doesn’t mean Netflix will get it automatically. The show would stay a Crackle Original, which means it would premiere first and only later, if at all, come to Netflix.

season 4 of startup

Crackle only works in a few places, so Netflix could be involved as an international distributor, but this is all just speculation until something official is said.

Would you want Netflix to add a fourth season of StartUp? Tell us in the comments below.

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