Saweetie Net Worth 2022: How Does Saweetie Spend Her Money?


Saweetie is a United States-born rapper and composer. After the success of her debut single ‘Icy Grl,’ Warner Records and her manager Max Gousse’s record company Artistry Worldwide signed her. Her first EP, ‘High Maintenance,’ was released in 2018, followed by her second EP, ‘Icy,’ in 2019.

Early Education and Development

Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, sometimes known as Saweetie, was born in Santa Clara, California, on 2 July 1993. Her mother, Trinidad, is Filipina-Chinese, and her father, Johnny, is African-American. Saweetie grew raised in Sacramento and attended Merrill F. West High School and Monterey Trail High School before graduating from the latter.

She began composing her own music at the age of 13. Saweetie attended San Diego State University prior to transferring to the University of Southern California to earn her communications degree.

The Profession of Saweetie

Saweetie had no idea that her songs would become so popular and propel her to fame. Her rap video, synced to the beats of Khia’s famous “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)”, went popular on social media almost immediately. She became an overnight Internet star. In 2018, Saweetie released her debut major-label EP, ‘High Maintenance,’ which featured nine songs: ‘Intro,’ ‘B.A.N.,’ ‘Agua,’ ‘Good Good,’ ‘Icy Grl,’ ‘High Maintenance,’ ’23,’ and ‘Respect.’


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In the same year, her famous position got her a commercial for Rihanna’s cosmetic line Fenty Beauty. Then, Warner Bros. Records signed her. Her relative Zaytoven was a record producer. Later, she collaborated on numerous tracks for ‘High Maintenance,’ Saweetie’s first major EP. Some of the songs on the album were produced by Hassan, Cash Money AP, and Saweetie.

She mentioned in an interview, while working on her debut EP, that she wanted to be recognised for her talent and that she had been creating original material. Saweetie made a cameo appearance in IDGAF’ by Dua Lipa (remix).

What is the Net Worth of Saweetie?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, American rapper Saweetie has a net worth of $4 million. Saweetie rose to stardom in 2018 with her debut single “Icy Grl,” followed by the EPs “High Maintenance” and “Icy,” the latter of which yielded the hit single “My Type.” Saweetie’s singles “Tap In” and “Best Friend” off her debut studio album “Pretty Bitch Music” were also successful.

How Does Saweetie Spend Her Money?

Saweetie’s preferred purchases include jewellery, shoes, and automobiles.

Saweetie’s Jewelry

Saweetie has an incredible assortment of luxury jewellery. Her jewellery includes diamond grills, a “icy” necklace, and diamond rings. She enjoys using crystals to adorn her nails.

Saweetie’s Footwear

The vast majority of Saweetie’s shoe collection is comprised of sneakers. Her assortment of footwear includes Vans, Christian Louboutin, and Air Jordans.

Saweetie’s Cars

Saweetie’s vehicle is a G Wagon.


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Collaborations in the Musical Arts

Among her collaborations with other recording artists, Saweetie participated on Tay Money’s “Bussin 2.0” in 2020. In the same year, she collaborated with Lauv on Ava Max’s song “Kings & Queens, Pt. 2,” and in April 2021, she worked with Little Mix on a remix of their single “Confetti.”

Why Did She and Quavo Break Up?

Recently, Saweetie broke her romance with the popular musician Quavo. She has been his partner since 2018. Saweetie announced the details of her breakup on Twitter, writing “I’m Single.” She added that she has endured too much betrayal and pain as a result of the circulating false narrative story, which has also harmed her reputation.

She recently featured on the Respectfully Justin podcast, where she implied that Quavo had lied to her during their relationship. Since their separation, both celebrities have unfollowed each other on Instagram.


Saweetie is an American composer and rapper. In 2018, she released her debut EP on a big label, titled ‘High Maintenance,’ which featured nine songs: ‘Intro,’ ‘B.A.N.,’ ‘Agua,’ ‘Good Good,’ ‘Icy Grl,’ ‘High Maintenance,’ ’23,’ ‘Respect,’ and ‘Too Many.’ As of 2022, Saweetie has a net worth of $4 million.

Frequent Asked Information

Is Saweetie of South African Origin?

The female rapper hopeful is of mixed race. Trinidad Valentin, her mother, is Filipino-Chinese, and Johnny Harper, her father, is African-American.

How Much Time Did Saweetie and Quavo Spend Together?

Saweetie and Quavo dated for three years before their shocking breakup in March 2021. When the Bay Area beauty featured as Quavo’s love interest in the music video for his song “Workin Me,” dating rumours began to circulate. They were first seen in public together in September 2018.

What Was Saweetie’s Grade Point Average?

Saweetie desires to return to school and acquire a master’s degree in business despite her prosperous employment. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a 3.60 GPA.

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