Sara Lee Cause of Death and Take a Look at How Did She Die?


Sara Ann Lee was an American TV star and professional wrestler who died on October 5, 2022. She was best known for her time with WWE. In 2015, she was the first woman to ever win the sixth season of the WWE show Tough Enough.

Who Was Sara Lee?

Sara Lee came into the world in 1955. She was born in New York City. She chose psychology as her major at Cornell. When she finished high school, she flew to Los Angeles, California, to start college at UCLA. During college, she met David Lee, who would become her husband.


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In 1979, they got married, and by 1982, they had set up the Sara Lee Corporation. The happy couple set up a cake and pie stand at their party. “Cake Mix Plus” was the name of their first product. In 1984, Sara Lee bread was first sold. Buyers loved the product almost right away.

Sara Lee Cause of Death

The autopsy report said that Sara Lee’s body did not have any other wounds or injuries. There were also no signs of a fight to be found. There were no signs of drug or alcohol use in her body.

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The victim gave no signs that he or she had tried to kill themselves or been involved in any kind of crime. Still, it’s possible that she took too much insulin and killed herself. Sara Lee died of “natural causes,” according to the coroner. She was said to have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

How Did Sara Lee Die?

Sara Lee, a well-known wrestler, died when she was 30 years old. Sinusitis was said to have caused Sara Lee’s death, according to official reports. She was used to feeling sad and worried. Because of all of these problems, her doctor told her to take antidepressants.


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Sara Lee passed away two days after she told the company she was leaving. She worked at Sara Lee in many different jobs for more than thirty years.

Sara Lee Career

In 1983, she got a job with the Sara Lee Company, which was the start of a successful career. She was given the job of director of marketing in 1988. In 1992, she was given the title of V.P. of Sales and Marketing. By 1994, she had worked her way up to being EVP of Operations.

Since 1998, Sara Lee has been in charge of the Sara Lee Corporation. She did this job for a while, until 2006. She became the CEO, and during that time, she oversaw the company’s growth from $1 billion to over $10 billion.

In 2002, Sara Lee sold ConAgra Foods the rights to its brand of frozen pizza. In 2006, the company’s founder and former CEO, Sara Lee, left. In 2007, she joined the board of directors of Kraft Foods Inc.

Sara Lee Personal Life

Sara had gotten married. Only her husband and three children were still alive when she died. Wesley Blake was married to Sara when he was a pro wrestler.

Sara Lee Cause of Death

Piper Weston is their daughter, and Brady is their son. Their second son and youngest child, who was born in 2021, is their youngest child.


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