Samara Redway Net Worth: How Much Money Did She Have in 2022?

She is a YouTuber, social media star, and model from Canada. Samara Redway is known for her makeup tutorials and vlogs about her daily life. She is one of the most beautiful and talented artists in the world. She has a lot of fans in Canada and other places, too. Her amazing YouTube videos helped her become famous all over the world.

On September 10, 2018, Samara Redway made her second YouTube channel. As of 2022, she has more than 1.18 million subscribers to that channel. She has a lot of fans on other sites like Instagram, Twitter, etc., in addition to YouTube.

Samara Redway Early Life

Samara Redway was born on March 10, 1995, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As of 2022, she is 27 years old. She grew up in a family that was in the middle class. Samara went to a private high school in Vancouver and finished her schooling at the University of Calgary.

Samara Redway Net Worth

Samara Redway Career

Samara Redway started her career on YouTube. On October 7, 2013, she made her first channel called “Samara Redway Games,” but she didn’t put any videos on it for two years. Later, on January 13, 2016, Samara posted her videos about hair, makeup reviews, daily vlogs, Q&As, games, and challenges.


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When she moved to Australia, it was a turning point in her career, and it also changed her life. She made funny videos that got her a lot of new subscribers and fans. As of 2022, she has two YouTube channels: “Samara Redway,” which has more than 1 million subscribers, and “Samara Games,” which has more than 1.60 million subscribers.

Samara Redway Net Worth

Some news articles say that Samara Redway’s net worth in 2022 will be $1.5 million. She is one of Canada’s rising social media stars. She became well-known after she posted makeup tutorials and vlogs. Samara Redway brings in more than $7,000 a month. Most of her money comes from YouTube, where she posts new videos every day.

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She is getting more and more popular on social media, and it looks like she will be one of the most popular YouTubers in the next few years. She also makes a lot of money by modelling, appearing in commercials, and endorsing many brands. Every year, her net worth goes up because of how well she does on social media. Samara Redway makes more than $80,000 a year.

Samara Redway Personal Life

Samara Redway is in a relationship with one of the best gamers and online streamers, Andre Rebelo, who goes by the name “Typical Gamer.” Samara Redway has a half-sister and a half-brother as well.

Samara Redway Net Worth

Samara Redway House

Samara Redway is one of Canada’s most famous people on social media, and she lives a very nice life. She lives in a very nice house in Vancouver that is in one of the quietest parts of the city. Samara Redway lives in this beautiful house with her boyfriend, Andre Rebelo, aka Typical Gamer.

Samara Redway Car

Samara Redway loves living a luxurious life and buying new cars. She has a few expensive cars. So, let’s tell you quickly about Samara Redway’s collection of cars. Her most expensive car is a CA$350,995 Lamborghini Reventón, which is the most expensive car in her garage.


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