Ryan Reynolds on Bringing Hugh Jackman Back for “Deadpool 3” [Exclusive]


When it was announced that Hugh Jackman would be back to play Wolverine in Deadpool 3, it sent shock waves through the entertainment world. In the next movie in the superhero series starring Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman will step back into his famous role for the first time since leaving it after James Mangold’s acclaimed 2017 movie Logan.

Collider’s Steven Weintraub had the chance to talk to Reynolds about his upcoming Apple TV+ Christmas musical, Spirited. Reynolds talked about the process of getting Jackman to return to his beloved role, saying that the idea of seeing Logan and Wade in a movie together is “beyond any dream I would ever be brave enough to have.”

Weintraub asked Reynolds if he could talk about the talks that went into getting Jackman back for the upcoming movie. Reynolds said that he doesn’t really take credit for getting Jackman to come back, but he did say that he had pushed hard for a movie with Deadpool and Wolverine.

“I think you put too much faith in me. I don’t think it’s because of me that Hugh is back. I always wished Hugh would return. When Disney bought Fox years ago, maybe three or three and a half or four years ago, my first meeting with Kevin Feige was about making a Deadpool and Wolverine movie together.

At the time, that wasn’t possible. Then Hugh called at the right time and said he’d like to come back and do this again. And I’ll let Hugh tell you what was said in that conversation, since I’m sure you and Hugh will talk soon. Hugh can answer that question on his own. But he said he wanted to come back, so it was my job to tell Kevin Feige again and try to sell it.”

He also said how important it was to him for the two characters to be in the same movie.

“Hugh Jackman in a movie like this doesn’t seem like a hard sell. It’s an immediate, clear, and unequivocal “yes.” There are a lot of moving parts, like Fox and the X-Men, that Marvel needs to figure out.

It would take a lot of paperwork to make that happen. They did it, too. And I’m so glad they did, because working with Hugh is like a dream come true for me.

But working with Logan and having Logan and Wade in a movie together is more than I could have ever dreamed of. So I’m really, really, super, super, super fucking excited to make this movie.”

Reynolds and Jackman played Deadpool and Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which came out in 2009. However, the movie made some creative choices with Deadpool that fans didn’t like.

The way the fan-favorite character was portrayed was so bad that in the opening credits of Deadpool 2, the new version of Deadpool goes back in time to kill the old one. This will be the first time that the two characters will be in a movie where they will be portrayed more like they were in the beginning.

When Will They Start Making Deadpool 3?

Weintraub also asked Reynolds if he could talk about when filming for Deadpool 3 might start. He said that he had heard that filming would start in April. Reynolds replied, “I don’t know,” which was neither a confirmation nor a denial of the proposed start month.

When asked if this meant that a date hadn’t been set yet, the answer was, “Start dates are up for discussion.” Reynolds ended the interview by saying how thankful he was to all his fans and how much he was looking forward to the new movie. “It was them who made Deadpool in the first place.”

On November 8, 2024, Shawn Levy’s Deadpool 3 will be shown in theaters for the first time. Watch what Reynolds had to say about Deadpool 3 in the player above, and stay tuned to Collider for more news and updates about the upcoming project and the beloved character’s MCU debut.

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