Roger Waters Net Worth: What Was Roger Waters’s Income Source?

When we hear the name Roger Waters, we immediately think of the English rock band Pink Floyd, which was one of the first British psychedelic groups to gain popularity in the 1960s.

Not only did it become the most popular rock band of its time, but it also released several albums and singles that were best-sellers. 1967’s worldwide success of their debut album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, is proof positive of this widely acknowledged fact.

Roger Waters, the co-founder and former bass guitarist of the aforementioned rock band, did not remain with the group for very long. Instead, he focused on his solo career after leaving the group that gave him his initial recognition.

However, the primary question we must ask is why Roger Waters’ net worth was so much greater than that of his former bandmates, even after he left the group.

Considering that, in general, when artists leave a popular group, things go awry! Here is a compilation of pertinent information compiled especially for you! In order for you to comprehend Waters’s accomplishments and wealth.

Roger Waters’s Childhood

George Roger Waters, known professionally as Roger Waters, was born in Surrey, England on September 6, 1943. His mother moved to Cambridge with Roger and his two brothers one year after the death of his father.

Before enrolling at Cambridgeshire High School for Boys, Waters attended Morley Memorial Junior School. Despite disliking school, Waters enjoyed his physical education classes and participated on the rugby and cricket teams.

The Pink Floyd members Syd Barrett and David Gilmour were childhood friends of Waters. Barrett and Waters attended the same high school, whereas Gilmour lived nearby. Waters did not meet Pink Floyd’s other founding members, Nick Mason and Richard Wright, until he enrolled in the architecture program at Regent Street Polytechnic.

Career as a Solo Performer

Waters’ solo career had begun prior to his departure from Pink Floyd. 1984’s release of “The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking” was the title of his debut solo album.


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Even though the album received negative reviews, Waters toured with Eric Clapton, who played guitar on the album. 1987 saw the release of Waters’ second solo album, ‘Radio K.A.O.S.’

In the year that followed the release of this album, he toured Italy as a support act. To commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Waters performed one of the most iconic rock concerts ever. In July 1990, one billion people watched “The Wall- Live in Berlin” on television.

Waters’ third solo album, Amused to Death, was inspired by the 1992 events at Tiananmen Square and the Gulf War.

Waters’ career took an unexpected turn in 2004 when he played a key role in the artistic direction of the Broadway production of The Wall. In the same year, Waters released two new songs online: “Leaving Beirut” and “To Kill the Child.”

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Wealth of Roger Waters

The estimated net worth of Roger Waters is $310 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. As a member of Pink Floyd and as a solo performer, he amassed a fortune in the music industry.


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It was evident that Waters would continue to be a creative force following the massive success of “The Wall” and his assumption of a greater creative leadership role within the band in 1983. Consequently, a rift began to form among the members. Since the artist did not wish to wait for his bandmates to create an album, he decided to do so on his own.

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How often has he been married?

Roger Waters is the father of three children and has been married four times. Judith Trim, a potter, was his first wife and childhood sweetheart. The couple wed in 1969, but separated in 1975. In 2001, Judith Trim passed away.

After his first divorce, Waters married Lady Carolyne Christie one year later. Harry and India are their two children as a couple. Harry is a musician who has shared the stage with his father, whereas India is a former model. In 1992, Christie and Waters divorced.

Wikipedia states that Waters married Priscilla Phillips in 1993, marking his third marriage. Prior to their separation in 2001, they had a son named Jack. In 2012, Waters wed actress and filmmaker Laurie Duringing. In 2015, the couple divorced, marking the end of their marriage.

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Frequent Requested Information

David Gilmour or Roger Waters?

Pink Floyd co-lead vocalist and guitarist David Gilmour appears to make significantly less money than his former bandmate Roger Waters, who has a net worth that is near twice as large.

What Was Roger Waters’s Income Source?

The estimated net worth of Roger Waters is $310 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Both as a member of Pink Floyd and as a solo performer, he achieved financial success in the music industry.

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