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Reed Paul Jobs is the youngest of Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell’s three children. His father practically single-handedly changed the tech industry. Steve grew distant from his family, especially his children.

Steve also has three daughters: Lisa Brennan, Erin Siena, and Eve. Reed’s childhood demeanour reportedly mirrored that of his incisive and bright father.

We’ll learn about Reed Jobs today. Reed Jobs or Reed Paul Jobs is the son of Steve and Laurene Jobs. This article discusses his childhood, siblings, current whereabouts, and dating status. Reed Jobs is the son of Apple co-founder and business entrepreneur Steve Jobs.

Reed Jobs

Reed was born in California in 1991. He’s Steve and Laurene’s first biological son. Laurene had him just months after marrying Steve. Reed’s ancestors are diverse. His father’s family is Syrian, Swiss, and German. His mother is English.

The star child grew up in his father’s 5,768-square-foot Palo Alto mansion on Waverly Street.

Reed’s Name Revealed?

Laurene’s firstborn was difficult to name. After much thought, she and Steve chose Reed Paul.According to a press release, his father’s time at Reed College inspired his name. Steve’s middle name is Paul, which was his adoptive father’s first name.

Reed Jobs’ Age

Reed Jobs was born in the US on September 22, 1991. He’s 30. Erin Sienna Jobs, Eve Jobs, and Lisa Brennan-Jobs are his siblings. He’s Steve and Laurene’s son.


Reed Jobs attended Crystal Springs Uplands School and Stanford University. In 2015, he earned a master’s degree from the same university.

After Stanford, he became Managing Director at Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective. The Emerson Collective works on education, immigration reform, the environment, media, and health.

Later, the company invested in American media and entertainment company Ozy. The Emerson Collective also invested in Axios Media as part of its series A funding round. Emerson Collective bought The Atlantic, an American magazine and multi-platform publisher, in July 2017.

Emerson Collective bought California Sunday and Pop-Up Magazine’s parent company in 2018 after investing in Gimlet Media in 2017.

Montage is a desktop/mobile internet tool that creates collaborative video surprises for special events. Reed Jobs invested in 2017. He fenced in high school.

Quiz Kids’ host asked Reed Powell in 2011 if a battery’s negative terminal was a cathode. What’s the positive terminal called? He correctly answered “anode.”

Reed was 18 and his parents Steve and Laurene were there. Walter Isaacson said about Steve Jobs’ son Reed, “He’s just like his father, but with his mother’s warmth and tenderness.” His father sat on rows of foldable seats with other parents. His pants and black turtleneck made him recognisable.”

Reed told the Quiz host that he was working on his senior project to find novel colon cancer genes. Steve wrote, “Today is one of the happiest days of my life” after Reed’s graduation. Reed will graduate soon. Immediately. And I’m here to see it.”

Reeds Family

Reed’s younger sisters could be heard sobbing in the background of the Jobs home in Palo Alto. Erin Siena Jobs, born August 19, 1995, is Steve and Laurene Jobs’ middle child. Eve Jobs was born on May 2, 1998, making her the youngest and most outgoing Jobs sibling.

To their parents’ surprise, they were all three. Despite being busy with his career, Steve made time for his kids. They were like a close-knit family.

Reed Paul Jobs’ youngest half-sister, Lisa Brennan Jobs, was born on May 17, 1978. Lisa Brennan is Steve’s daughter with high school sweetheart Chrisann Brennan. Chrisann and Steve broke up after high school but reconnected after he returned from India.

Erin graduated from Tulane, Eve is a professional horsewoman, and Lisa is an author.

Reed Paul Jobs Invests in Cancer Research.

Since middle school, Reed has been interested in cancer research. His high school senior project was cancer research. He presented his project to the whole school afterward. His father, Steve, and other family members were in the throng, beaming.

He previously attended the independent college-preparatory Crystal Uplands School.

Reed Jobs studied engineering and computer science at Stanford University, known for its programmes. His first job after getting his MA in 2015 was at The Emerson Collective.

Health director since 2015 Laurene Jobs, Reed’s mother and CEO, founded the company in 2004. For-profit companies focus on education, immigration, and healthcare.

Reed recently said his role is to invest in oncology activities at cancer research businesses. Reed’s parents were married 20 years. Steve’s relationships have never lasted long. Laurene changed his life in 1989. The late entrepreneur spotted his future wife at a speech at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Steve loved her at first sight. After his lecture, he approached her in the parking lot and asked her on a date.

After months of courting, they married on March 18, 1999. Their marriage and children ended after Steve’s death in 2011.

Reed Jobs’ Girlfriend

We don’t know if Reed is dating or married. Because the renowned teen isn’t on social media, learning about his personal life is hard. He’s also silent, as he rarely appears in public.

This doesn’t mean Reed never had a girlfriend. Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson’s biography, reveals he dated another woman in 2010. Reed once asked his father Steve for date night tips over a family dinner. Funny story.

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Steve then recommended Il Fornaio. Reed tried to visit but couldn’t get a reservation. Erin, who is generally quiet and reserved, told her brother she’d set up a tepee in their backyard for his date while Eve prepared a romantic meal.

The story claims Reed had a girlfriend in 2010. Maybe they’re still together.

Reed Paul Jobs Lives Humbly

Steve died a billionaire. Laurene, who inherited most of his wealth, is now worth $20 billion.

Reed leads a comfortable existence, given the above. The Jobs kids are smart. Each is a professional expert. Reed’s main concern as a health director is preventing cancer. We hope he achieves his goal.

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