Reddit Crypto: What Are the Top Cryptocurrency Subreddits on Reddit?

When it comes to websites where a new trend will explode, Reddit is typically the best option. If you wish to be abreast on the most recent crypto exchanges, crypto brokers, crypto moons, and everything else relating to the world of crypto, you should visit Reddit multiple times per day, every day.

What is the Reddit Website?

In the most basic sense, it resembles a modern forum where virtually anything can be posted. It is comprised of subreddits, which are essentially specialised areas of the website. For instance, /r/Bitcoin will have all Bitcoin-related posts, /r/CryptoMarkets will contain postings about crypto markets, and so on.

Reddit is commonly referred to as a network of communities since the community controls the quality of posts. If a post is appealing to a large audience, it will receive upvotes, and if it is irrelevant to the issue, it will receive downvotes.

What Exactly is the Reddit Nft?

Reddit chose to release their CryptoSnoos NFTs not too long ago. The official Reddit NFT can be obtained by purchasing them on the platform’s market. Additionally, you can only purchase them using ETH from your MetaMask wallet. If you do not already have MetaMask, you should acquire it immediately.

As profile-accessible avatars, the CryptoSnoos on Reddit serve a role beyond only serving as bragging rights for your NFT collection. Some have “legendary” status in the Reddit NFT market, while others are limited (“epic” items are more limited than “rare” items).

MOON tokens, REDDIT’S CRYPTOCURRENCY, are the cryptocurrency that Reddit users may earn simply by being active on the platform. Notably, this is the official cryptocurrency of the community /r/Cryptocurrency. If you obtain this cryptocurrency, you can use it as you would any other, and you can even trade it for fiat currency on select crypto exchange platforms.

The easiest approach to obtain this is to earn a large amount of karma by posting quality material on Reddit. However, you can also hope that someone will reward you with MOON tokens if your post improves their day.

What Are the Top Cryptocurrency Subreddits on Reddit?

There are numerous subreddits containing diverse information, yet some are more popular than others. Obviously, this is not coincidental, as certain cryptographic information is more valuable than others and hence draws more people.


It is not surprising that one of the largest crypto-related forums on Reddit is for the coin that started it all. This subreddit is for discussing anything related to Bitcoin, from memes to breaking news. There are several pros and cons to this subreddit, and one of the cons is that the community is a bit too large, thus there are often a lot of posts, but many of them are irrelevant. If a thread is well-liked, debate is also incredibly swift.

2. /R/BTC

This subreddit is virtually identical to the previous one, except the community is far smaller. As a result, it is simpler to locate higher-quality postings and participate in debates without having your opinion vanish in a couple of minutes owing to heavy traffic. Follow both subreddits if you’re interested in cryptocurrency.


Unlike the other two subreddits, this one concentrates on essentially everything related to cryptocurrencies. This subreddit is for you if you are seeking for crypto projects to invest in before they get popularity, crypto exchanges where you can start trading before anybody else, or if you just want to chuckle at a crypto meme.

It has over 4.4 million members at the time of writing this text, making it the largest subreddit. You will always find a few thousand individuals online, which, similar to /r/bitcoin, might make it difficult to participate in a post’s debate. Regardless, it is the best subreddit for information of all types.

4. /R/NFT

It is hardly surprising that this subreddit’s popularity is exploding, given that NFTs are getting increasingly popular. Here you will discover all information pertaining to non-fungible tokens. Whether you are seeking for new NFT games to play or a newly opened NFT marketplace, you will find the relevant information here. There is also a Discord where members can communicate in real time.


If you are new to the crypto community as a whole, this subreddit might be quite useful. You can find answers to all the frequently asked questions regarding crypto, and you can even post your own question if you are uncertain about something. Obviously, despite the fact that the majority of Reddit users wish to assist one another, you should still approach every piece of advise with caution, since there are always those who wish to troll or swindle others.


As one of the largest altcoins available, it is not surprising that Ethereum has one of the largest and greatest subreddits. You can quickly locate any Ethereum-related or app development-related news.


Both of these are subreddits for one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in existence. They have robust communities, and by monitoring the posts on these subreddits, you can learn about any intriguing activities on the platforms.

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