Rachel Recchia Dating 2022: How Interested Is She in Dating Another Bachelor Nation Star?


Rachel Recchia did not find love on The Bachelorette, but she is willing to try dating again. During the Tuesday, November 8 episode of the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast with Michelle Young and Becca Kufrin, the 26-year-old pilot reported that she had a successful date the previous week. The mystery man is not a member of Bachelor Nation, but rather a “random person” who entered Rachel’s direct messages.

The native Floridian, who competed on season 26 of The Bachelor, quipped that she had difficulty adjusting to dating outside of the reality franchise at first. She said, “I don’t know how to date without a camera.” “I’m like, how do you date except sitting down and saying, ‘Tell me everything about your life right now in the next five minutes’… Do I give him a date card? Do I say, “XO, Rach, meet me at the coffee shop?” What do I do?”

Rachel, who just relocated to Los Angeles, co-directed season 19 of The Bachelorette with Gabby Windy. During the finale, she became engaged to Tino Franco, but he later admitted to cheating on her after filming his proposal. The Bachelor alum confronted him about their breakup on September’s After the Final Rose.

“There is no justification for your actions. You crushed my heart,” said Rachel to the 28-year-old general contractor. “I don’t understand how you continue to run in circles. “We are above this mountain, and nothing still makes sense to me.”

Rachel’s runner-up, Aven Jones, then returned to the set and asked if she would like to “just catch up” The flying instructor told her former suitor, “There is nothing more I could love.”

In October, Rachel stated that she was “very open” to reconnecting with Aven, age 29, but that she was not yet ready to date. During an episode of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “Off the Vine” podcast, she said, “I just returned to Los Angeles from everything that happened on the show — New York, Las Vegas.” “Therefore, I believe we’ll both just see where it goes, if it goes anywhere.”

Gabby, 31, who is now competing on season 31 of Dancing With the Stars, is one of the individuals with whom she maintains contact. Rachel stated of her co-leader on Tuesday, “She is really busy right now.” “She practises throughout the day, every day. We call and text as frequently as possible, and I visit her whenever I have the opportunity.

The ABC celebrity stated that she intends to support her former co-star following her recent breakup with fiancé Erich Schwer. Rachel stated, “I will endeavour to provide her with whatever assistance and resources she requires at this time.” “Because we are all aware of how challenging it is, especially in the public light.”


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Rachel’s appearance on “Bachelor Happy Hour” revealed additional information.

A Perfect First Date

Rachel responded, “I actually went on a date last week,” when Michelle, 29, and Becca, 32, inquired if she had met anybody since relocating to Los Angeles. “It did go nicely. In addition, a second date exists in the future.” She said that her mystery date is a “random person” from Instagram Direct Messages who is not from Bachelor Nation. “We recently went to have coffee,” she said. “Just casual.” Rachel responded, “Perhaps,” when asked if a kiss occurred following the rendezvous.

Her Prospects for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Later this month, Rachel will appear on BiP, but not as a contestant. When Becca asked if she would ever consider competing on the series, she responded affirmatively, but with a caveat. “I will proceed if Michelle joins me. I cannot travel without her “Rachel joked. Becca, who met her fiancé Thomas Jacobs on season 7 of BiP, stated that she would accompany her friends as their “special handler.” “If you both leave, I will take a month off from my life, Thomas, and the dogs to take care of you,” said the Bachelorette from season fourteen.

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A Few Minor ‘BiP’ Ending Spoilers

The Ohio University alumna who attended the BiP season 8 reunion taping claimed Eliza Isichei most surprised her. Rachel said, “I was proud of her, despite the fact that she didn’t attempt the task.” “She was experiencing difficulty down there [in Mexico]. I desired to kneel down and comfort her.” The reality star stated that the “love triangle” between Eliza, Rodney Mathews, and Justin Glaze will “conclude” in the season finale. “However, what I heard during the reunion was shocking,” she added. “The information that emerged after filming were frightening. I understood Eliza’s position and obviously support her and women in general, but some of the specifics that were emerging and some of the things I heard left me with my mouth agape.”


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And Some Happy Endings

Rachel mentioned, without revealing any spoilers, that certain couples survived the eighth season of Big Brother and possibly got engaged. “There are still so many love stories out there, and some may even be rekindling,” she hinted. “I truly believe that last season was the gold standard of Paradise in terms of the number of happy and still-strong couples. This time, I believe the switch week may have played a role in their not spending as much time together, but there will still be love at the end of the day.”

Her New Companion

Rachel has been living with Genevieve Parisi, who is now competing on BiP, since her relocation to Los Angeles. She stated, “We’ve been having a terrific time.” It’s been nice, but I’m still trying to settle down and figure out a new city. Rachel said that she has no control over what her 27-year-old roommate posts on social media regarding BiP. “When it comes to tweeting, Genevieve will tweet,” quipped Rachel. Moreover, I endorse it.

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Would She Date Another Member of Bachelor Nation?

“It is tough to say. I believe there is a certain degree of familiarity with those who have experienced exactly what we have “Rachel responded when asked if she would ever date another cast member. “Someone has always dated someone who was someone else’s ex, so I believe it may be rather complicated in Bachelor Nation, given that we’ve all dated each other. But who can say?”

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