Rachel Platten Songs: What Are the 10 Best Songs of All Time?

Rachel Platten was born on May 20, 1981, in the United States. She is a writer and songwriter. She is signed with Columbia Records, where she is working at the moment. Rachel’s hit singles include “Fight Song,” “Stand by You,” and “Better Place.”

The woman is not only a great singer, but she also writes great songs. She wrote the hit song “1000 Ships,” which did very well on the Billboard Adult Charts. Since she was a child, this talented Emmy Award winner has been interested in music.

She never thought, though, that she would become a famous singer. Rachel wants to reach out to different people through her music. She thinks that bringing people together is a good thing to do with your life. She has also helped a lot of charities, like Autism Speaks, Build on, and a lot of others.

Outside of music, Platten was the face of the ad campaign for the clothing brand Aerie. Rachel has a lot of fans on social media sites like YouTube, where she has up to 1.87 million subscribers. Today, we’re going to talk about the ten best Rachel Platten songs ever.

The 10 Best Rachel Platten Songs of All-Time

10. Fight Song (2014)

When this song came out, it did very well and put Platten in the spotlight. The song reminds people of the mean thoughts we have in our heads. These always make us feel like it’s too late and we’re not good enough.

In this song, she says that these are just what the mind makes up. It’s good to keep fighting for what you think is right and not give up. Abc News says that the song’s author wrote it when she was sad.

She thought she had been in the music business for a long time and didn’t have enough reasons to keep going. This song is a good way to remind yourself to keep going until you reach your goals.

9. Better Place (2016)

While she was living in Los Angeles, Rachel wrote this song. This was before her “Fight Song” got her a lot of attention. In the song, she talks about living in a small place with a beautiful tree outside the window. Platten says that the sun looks like it’s made of gold, which gives her hope for the day.

This happened when her life wasn’t going well. The person who wrote this song says it’s about hope and optimism. It’s meant to tell someone that everything will be fine and that they shouldn’t worry too much about life. When you’re feeling down, you can play this song.

8. Stand by You (2015)

There comes a time in everyone’s life when things are too hard to handle and all they need is someone to lean on. This is the exact point of this song. In it, a person tells the story of how she helps her best friend/lover get through depression.

It shows that this person cares about her friend and is willing to do anything to keep their friendship strong. In the song, Platten promises her loved one that she will always be there for them, no matter what.

7. Broken Glass (2017)

Unity is a value that Platten holds very close to her heart. This song is a powerful expression of feelings that celebrates the unity of women. This is a celebration of the power of women, inspired by days like International Women’s Day.

The song talks about how awesome women are, especially when they work together and are fierce, strong, and united. Rachel made the music video in LA’s Chinatown. In this song, there are biker girls from all over the world.

This song is good for anyone who wants to show that girls can do anything. It is a good song to play at events like the Women’s March to show that men and women should have the same rights.

6. Lone Ranger (2016)

We all have times when we just want to be by ourselves. Sad things that happened in the past could be to blame. Lone Ranger is a song that Platten wrote to show how much she wants to be on her own. Rachel is about to find herself in the chorus.

In the second verse, Platten says that she is not as brave and strong as everyone thinks she is. She says again that she wants to be herself and doesn’t want to get hurt. She is a lone ranger looking for independence.

5. 1,000 Ships (2011)

“1000 ships” is a great song about love that doesn’t change. Rachel Platten imagines a relationship with someone she wants to be with in this song. At the same time, she’s upset that the person they’re chasing hasn’t done anything about her trying to catch them. The first single from Platten’s second album, “Be Here,” is this song.

4. Congratulations (2016)

After hearing some bad news, Rachel Patten wrote this song. Genius says that she wrote the song when she was fighting with some of her closest friends.

She says that she had a chance to do something she really wanted to do, but she didn’t take it. When she got to her piano, she started crying. This song was written by Platten and an American producer named Scott Jacoboy, who has worked with John Legend.

3. You Belong (2018)

In 2012, Rachel Platten and her lawyer husband tied the knot in a beautiful Jewish ceremony. After being married for eight years, the singer said they were still waiting for their first child.

She wrote this emotional song as a way to celebrate during this time. Today says that Platten says this was a letter to her unborn child.

2. Speechless (2016)

In June 2015, Platten found out some pretty bad news. She remembers that while on a tour of LA, she lost her voice. After being told to see a doctor to check her vocal cords, she did so feeling confident that everything would be okay.

This is what made her write this song about love. Far from that, the song is a bit sexy and talks about how someone who knows you and your body can make you speechless.

1. Superman (2016)

In 2012, after she married her lawyer husband, Platten wrote a love song for him. Platten says she wanted the husband to know he didn’t have to be strong all the time. She says it’s okay to crash, and she explains that she could carry her because he carried her enough. The song says he didn’t have to be a superhero.

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