Queen of the South Season 6: Where to Watch and How to Watch ?

Season 5 was the last season that was shown. The season shows that Teresa has made a home for herself in New York City. She then goes to Europe with the goal of being so successful that she wouldn’t give up. One of her old enemies from the CIA put a damper on this dream and goal. Since a long time ago, the CIA had these plans for Mendoza.

The season also shows things about her private life. In this scene, she loses some members of her large family. It’s a Crime and Thrilling book, but romantics would love it because Teresa finds love.

The brave Teresa then says she is not a CIA pawn. She plans to pretend to die, but she gets away to live a better life.

The first episode of season 1 of The Queen of the South aired on June 23, 2016, and the last episode of season 5 will air on June 9, 2021. The USA Network showed all 62 of its episodes.

queen of the south season 6

Queen of the South Cast of the Sixth Season

The fans of Queen of the South really loved it a lot. Since it is one of the most popular series, all of its fans deserve a great comeback. This very popular series was made by MA Fortin and Joshua Miller.

In the story, Alice Braga is Teresa Mandoza, who is played by Teresa Mandoza. It shows how bad of a woman she was. She talks about her ties to drug mafias and tries to become a well-known drug mafia.

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It always impresses people because it keeps coming up with new twists and turns. The show is about a woman from Mexico. Then it shows how she gets rich by building up her huge drug empire.

Mendoza Teresa is a Mexican woman who lives in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. She slowly falls deeply in love with a member of a drug empire. It also shows her journey as she tries to get out of being poor.


When she finds out that her boyfriend has been killed, the story takes a different turn, and she has to run away. She gets away from the border and heads to the U.S. Here, she stays with a man she has known for a long time.

Here is where her mission really starts. She works together to fight the drug dealer who is after her. She also benefits from the fact that she gets rich in the meantime. But this makes her life more difficult and adds to the problems she already has.

For four seasons, the audience has been interested and entertained by Teresa’s journey, in which she fights alone against her opponents, their preferences, and their determination to make a drug nation.

There are a lot of scenes and story sequences here that show how much time was spent on the settings. After four seasons, fans are still interested and happy because there are new plot twists and turns that aren’t about love.

The story comes from a book called “telenovela,” which is based on a Spanish book with the same title.

queen of the south season 6

No one has said anything about the plot of Season 6 of The Queen of the South, and it hasn’t been officially announced either.

Queen of the South Cast of the Sixth Season

Several actors and actresses were killing it in their roles in the early parts of season 5.

The lead role in “Teresa Mendoza” went to the beautiful Alice Braga. Peter Gadiot, on the other hand, played the part of James Valdez. Hemky Madera was seen as Pote Galvez.

Kelly Awken was played by Molly Burnett. Boaz Jimenez was played by JT Campos, and Marcel Dumas was played by Alimi Ballard.

If the story of Season 5 didn’t change much, many of the same characters would be back in Season 6. So far, we don’t know anything about the Queen of the South Season 6 cast.

When Will Season 6 of Queen of the South Come Out?

The Queen of the South is one of the most well-known TV shows. Even so, its ratings have gone down as the seasons have gone by.

To explain further, on average, 0.92 million people watched Season 4, while 1.12 million people watched Season 3. The average number of people who watched Season 5 was even less than 0.75 million.

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The cost of making movies in the Crime, Thriller, and Action genres is very high. Queen of the South is also a very expensive movie to make because it is a crime thriller. In this situation, it’s clear that the show should be taken off the air. The producers had to make such a big choice because the number of viewers was going down.

Funny thing is, the show is very popular on Netflix. In this case, Netflix could take over the rights to make, own, and distribute the show. Let’s hope things go well.

queen of the south season 6

Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date could only be expected if Netflix takes up the future reason. If not, it would be hard to do anything.

When is the Trailer coming out?

After all you’ve been through, the answer could break your hearts. In the last episode of Season 5, you saw Teresa Mendoza and other characters for the last time. Officials for the show have said that the sixth season has been canceled, so there won’t be a sixth season.

Yes, you did hear correctly! When I heard the news, I was even very sad. Now, all we can do is hope for the best, even though we know it’s very unlikely to happen. There is less chance that the show will have a sixth season.

Officials have said that they will miss everything about the set, including the memories, the people they played, and much more. The show’s creators talked about how they thought the show should end on a good note. So, they did that, which made everyone happy.

The fifth season also had a lot of trouble getting made. On March 14, 2020, work stopped because of the pandemic. This made us wait too long and also kept us wondering what was going to happen in the story.

So, it’s impossible to think that there will be a Queen of the South trailer.

How Can You See Queen of the South?

Queen of the South is available to watch online on Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, Amazon Prime TV, IMDB, and other OTT services.

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