Prince Movie Review: A Clean, Absurd Comedy That Has Trouble Keeping You Laughing.


By Janani K: Sivakarthikeyan started out as a stand-up comedian, and his funny one-liners helped him become well-known. He is now a bankable star in the Tamil film industry and has made a number of successful movies.

When a big star like Sivakarthikeyen works with a Telugu director like Anudeep, who is known for his slapstick humor, you can expect a lot of action on the screen. Did that happen in their movie, Prince?

Anbu (Sivakarthikeyan), who made a “mistake,” is being shunned by the rest of the village. His father, Ulaganathan (Sathyaraj), agrees with the villagers and gets ready to disown his son. Now we’ll go back in time.

Anbu, a teacher who doesn’t always show up to work, goes to school every day because of a British woman named Jessica (Maria Ryaboshapka). She gets a job as a teacher at the school. He falls in love with her in the end.

Even though he thinks his father will agree to the marriage, his father says no. Ulaganathan’s father died fighting for independence from the British. The story is about how Anbu will get his father and his father-in-law to agree.

The best thing about Anudeep is that he is funny. With the movies he has made, he has shown that his sense of humor is based on being silly. Prince is not the only one. The movie sets up a lot of silly situations and tries to make fun of them. Imagine a whole stretch of comedy where the main character, Jessica, just asks for a “bottle guard.”

Prince Movie Review

Prince, on the other hand, is only funny sometimes. This crazy movie makes you laugh out loud at times, but it also flops a few times. Not every one-liner or joke was funny. The first half of Prince took up a lot of time from the audience. You can pick out parts of the movie where the humor worked.

Sivakarthikeyan is at his best in both the scene at the Anandraj police station and the final stretch about humanity. Even Sathyaraj is amazing in his role as the strange father. Their scenes together are funny, especially the one where she asks him what Gummuratappura means.

Also, Prince is a film that looks at itself. Both the director and the actors make fun of themselves and their past work, but they do it in a positive way. Still, the biggest problem with Prince is that the funny parts don’t always make people laugh.

As Anbu in Prince, Sivakarthikeyan is at his best. His sayings and one-liners fit the situation just right. And the real Sivakarthikeyan is shown on screen playing to his strengths. In this movie, Sathyaraj, who has been acting for a long time, does a lot of comedy.

Maria did a good job for her first show. The real surprise is that Premgi Amaren played Boopathy, the head of a mafia group that stole land. Audiences are so used to seeing Premgi Amaren in comedic roles that seeing him in a (somewhat) serious one was a whole new thing.

Manoj Paramahamsa makes good movies based on the music of Thaman, especially Bimbiiki Pilapi and Jessica. Sivakarthikeyan and Maria’s lively dance moves earned them extra points. Prince is a crazy comedy that tries to make people laugh all the way through. But there aren’t many laughs in the second half.

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