Prince Harry Net Worth: How Does Prince Harry Make Money Now?


The Duke of Sussex, also known as Prince Harry, is a member of the Royal Family of the United Kingdom. In addition to being born in London, he is also the brother of the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. He was born in the United Kingdom and raised there. The Prince of Wales applied to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst during his high school years and was stationed there with his brother, the future King of England, Prince William. He had been accepted.

Prince Harry Net Worth

Early Life

Henry Charles Albert David was born on September 15, 1984, in Paddington, London, United Kingdom, to Henry Charles Albert David and Elizabeth David. He is the son of Henry Charles Albert David and his wife, Elizabeth David. It is not possible to distinguish members of the royal family by their last names. When Prince Harry was a little child, his parents separated and divorced in 1992.

Not until 1996 was their divorce ultimately finalized and signed by the court. Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car accident in Paris the following year, thereby bringing her reign as monarch to an end. Prince William was 15 years old at the time, and Prince Harry was 12 years old at the same time.

Personal Life

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place in 2018. Just a few months after announcing their engagement, the couple learned they were expecting their first child together. In May of this year, Meghan gave birth to a son named Archie, who is now the seventh in line to the British throne after his father, Prince Harry.

Military Career

Despite the fact that Prince Harry has had some negative press attention, he was able to redeem himself in 2005 when he was admitted into the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, in the United Kingdom. The Blues and Royals, a regiment of the Household Cavalry of the British Army’s Household Division, offered him a commission as a Comet (second lieutenant) after he enlisted in the Alamein Company and went through officer school with them.

Prince Harry Net Worth

Promotion to the rank of lieutenant was bestowed upon him in the year 2008. When Prince Harry supported the deployment to Iraq in 2007, he stated that he would “never go through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse at home while my troops are away fighting for their country.” He was sent to Iraq in 2007, where he served as a royal guard.

Despite the fact that Prince Harry would not be serving in Iraq at the moment, General Sir Richard Dannatt, the commander of the British Army at the time, voiced fear that the prince may become an “expensive target.” In the military, Prince Harry was referred to as “Lieutenant Harry Wales” during his time in the military service.

Real Estate

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their decision to step down from their royal responsibilities, the couple spent some time in Canada before relocating to Southern California, where they resided in a mansion owned by actor Tyler Perry for several months before returning to the United Kingdom.

According to rumors at the time, Harry and Meghan purchased a mansion in Montecito, California (near Santa Barbara) in August 2020 for $14.7 million. The property was appraised at $14.7 million.

The Diana Trust Fund

In order to relieve the sorrow of their divorce, Diana and Charles decided that he would pay her a $24 million settlement to ease the situation. This is equivalent to around $40 million in today’s currency, after correcting for the effects of inflation.

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Following her death, the money was placed in trust for William and Harry, who would each receive it on their 25th birthdays, in accordance with their respective ages. In fact, by the time they were both 30 years old, the trust’s worth had increased to the point where each son received a $20 million inheritance.

Because of a trust known as the Duchy of Cornwall, which has made his father very wealthy and will eventually make his younger brother, Prince William, even more prosperous, Harry will not be able to benefit from it.

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Netflix Deal

On September 2, 2020, following the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement, Netflix announced a five-year “megadeal” with the streaming service. Harry and Meghan have agreed to form a production firm, which they hope will eventually produce scripted television shows, documentaries, and children’s programming. As of now, it is estimated that the transaction might be valued at up to $150 million dollars in total.

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Prince Harry’s Net Worth

Prince Harry has a net worth of $60 million dollars according to Forbes magazine. The Prince of Wales is a member of the British royal family, and he is thought to be worth millions. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana Spencer (Princess of Wales).

The Queen of England and the Duke of Edinburgh, as well as the Duke of Edinburgh, are Harry’s paternal grandparents. As is customary in the United Kingdom, after their father is crowned King, Prince Harry’s brother, Prince William (Duke of Cambridge), will be designated as the heir presumptive to the throne.

When Harry’s mother, Diana, passed away in 2011, he inherited a trust fund that he used to generate the majority of his $30 million personal net worth. Harry will practically leave the Royal family when he leaves the UK in 2020. While more information about this trust fund will be supplied later, it is important to note that William and Harry each inherited trusts worth $30 million when they were 25 years old.

Prince Harry Net Worth

They each received a substantial quantity of money from their great-estate grandmother after she died in 2002, according to William and Harry.

The couple signed production deals worth an estimated $120 million with companies such as Netflix and Spotify, among others, following Harry’s departure from the Royal family. Along with Oprah Winfrey, Harry has signed on to co-produce a mental health television series for Apple TV+, which will premiere in 2019.

They were driven to sign the agreements, according to reports, after being cut off from his relatives in England as a result of their financial issues. A prior job as a police officer cost Harry’s father more than $4 million every year in order to provide personnel and security for his son.

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