Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled

In this suspenseful story, three brothers set out to get revenge, which brings them face to face with three sisters who may be the cause of what they are looking for.
In reality, the show is about three brothers who are obsessed with getting revenge for the death of their younger sister. Their youngest sister fell in love with a man who had a lot of money. On the other hand, this old man just so happens to be married and have three beautiful daughters. When their sister found out who the man really was, it was too late. She had already told them. She was holding a baby. The old man who had a lot of money died. She has decided to end her life because she can’t take it any longer.

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At this point, the story starts to get interesting. The rich guy’s family needed help building a new house for their soon-to-be-married daughter Norma, so the brothers decided to offer their services as carpenters to the family. This was just a very complicated plan to get into the area. Their real goal was to make the women like and trust them so they could take advantage of them later. That was the plan from the start, but to their surprise, they also fell in love with the girls.

pasion de gavilanes season 3

The trouble started when the women found out what the three men had really been up to.

Season 3 Episodes

At this time, there is no information available on the episodes that will be included in this season.

Let’s Talk About Season 1 and Season 2

Season 1

Bernardo Elizondo is the owner of a hacienda, and he resides there with his wife, Dona Gabriela, their daughters Norma, Jimena, and Sara, as well as Norma’s husband, Fernando Escandón, and his father-in-law, Don Martn Acevedo, a retired military man who is paralysed. Don Martn Acevedo is Bernardo Elizondo’s father-in-law. The marriage between Norma and Fernando was organised by Doa Gabriela in order to conceal the fact that Norma had been the target of a rape. However, the marriage is just legal in name and has not been completed because of Norma’s trauma.

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Aside from that, Gabriela is deeply in love with Fernando, and because of this, she coerces her daughter to marry him in order to maintain a close relationship with him. Bernardo is out over heels in love with the modest young woman known as Libya Reyes, but he is aware that he will never be able to marry her since his domineering and archaic wife, Gabriela, will never grant him a divorce. Despite his feelings for Libya, Bernardo is unable to marry her. Bernardo is determined to break with everything in order to live out his love for Libya, and he decides to formally appear before the young woman’s brothers; Juan, scar, and Franco Reyes.

Although the brothers did not support the relationship, they approve it because the happiness of their sister depends on it. Bernardo is determined to break with everything in order to live out his love for Libya. Unfortuitously, Bernardo is killed when he is thrown off his horse. Libya learns that she is pregnant at the same time as she learns that Bernardo has passed away.

As a result, she chooses to go to the Elizondo to claim the money, despite the fact that she is terrified and uncertain whether or not she should do so. Doa Gabriela treats her own family with contempt and humiliation as soon as she steps foot in the Elizondo home. Libya is so desperate that its leader decides to end his life by jumping over a bridge.

pasion de gavilanes season 3

When the Reyes brothers learn all of this information, they make a solemn oath to avenge the death of their sister and travel to the Elizondo estate, where they pose as bricklayers whom Doa Gabriela has hired to construct a cabin for Norma and Fernando. They are successful in fooling Doa Gabriela into thinking that they are working for her.

This is made possible by the housekeeper of the Elizondo mansion, Eva Rodriguez, who harbours a grudge towards Gabriela for forcing her to give up her only daughter, Ruth, for having kept her unmarried and without the means to sustain her, and for having hindered her from finding a suitable partner.

scar Reyes hopes that by meeting the Elizondo sisters, he will be able to persuade his brothers to change their plans for taking revenge and instead seduce the Elizondo sisters so that they can pay them back with the same price; however, his true intention is to obtain money for the Elizondo sisters so that they can improve their situation. Juan, his brother, first is opposed to their intentions; however, after meeting Norma Elizondo, he quickly changes his mind about them due of the instant attraction they have for one another. Juan is entirely distracted from his intentions for vengeance as a result of this desire, but the couple will face many challenges along the way that they will need to conquer.

Season 2

The events of the first season of the Colombian serial Pasión de Gavilanes, which was broadcast in 2003, are revisited in the show’s second season, which takes place 20 years later. Telemundo Global Studios and CMO Producciones are the ones responsible for producing this season.

The season was revealed on May 12, 2021, during the upfront presentation for the 2021-2022 television season that was held by Telemundo. Danna Garca, Mario Cimarro, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Klauss, Paola Rey, and Zharick León are the regular cast members for this season. Michel Brown appears in a guest role.

The first episode of the season aired on Telemundo on February 14, 2022. The last day of the event was May 31, 2022.

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The Reyes-Elizondo family is forced to confront fresh problems that endanger their family twenty years after the events of the previous season. The murder of professor Genaro Carreo causes the family to be shaken up, and the evidence suggests that Juan and Norma’s kids are responsible for the crime. Samuel Caballero (Sergio Goyri), a powerful and cruel man who will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to get back his daughter and his wife, Rosario Montes (Zharick León), whose return to San Marcos has caught everyone’s attention, has arrived. The tensions continue to rise as a result of his arrival. Rosario Montes (Zharick León) has returned to San Marcos.

Cast  of Both Seasons

Mario Cimarro as Juan Reyes Guerrero
Danna García as Norma Elizondo Acevedo
Juan Alfonso Baptista as Óscar Reyes Guerrero
Paola Rey as Jimena Elizondo Acevedo
Natasha Klauss as Sara “Sarita” Elizondo Acevedo Zharick León as Rosario Montes
Bernardo Flores portraying the role of Juan David Reyes
Camila Rojas as Muriel Caballero
Juan Manuel Restrepo as León Reyes
Sebastián Osorio as Erick Reyes
Yare Santana plays the role of Gaby Reyes.
Jerónimo Cantillo as Andrés Reyes
Ángel de Miguel as Albín Duarte
Alejandro López as Demetrio Jurado Germán Quintero as Martín Acevedo
Kristina Lilley as Gabriela Acevedo de Elizondo
Boris Schoemann in the role of Pablo Gunter
Playing the role of Romina Clemente is Katherine Porto.

pasion de gavilanes season 3


In this suspenseful story, three brothers set out to get revenge. They meet three sisters, who may be the cause of what they are looking for.
In reality, the show is about three brothers who can’t stop thinking about getting back at the person who killed their younger sister. The couple’s youngest sister fell in love with a rich man. On the other hand, this old man is married and has three very pretty daughters. It was too late when their sister found out who the man really was. She had told them already. She had a baby in her arms. The old man with a lot of money passed away. She has decided to kill herself because she can’t take it any longer.

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