Outer Banks Season 2: Going to Release Next Month !

Season 2 of Outer Banks will be spoiled. The end of a very suspenseful season of Outer Banks was a thrilling ride in the last episode. After a crazy number of close calls with death, the Pogues had to get their half-billion-dollar treasure back from the Camerons and stay away from a tanker ship’s murderous crew.

The heist didn’t go the Pogues’ way (does it ever? ), so they were left stranded on a random island, unaware of a game-changing discovery that will change one of their lives forever. We need to talk about this right away.

Before the finale, the only thing we knew for sure was that all of the Pogues would probably make it out alive. After all, the show has shown that it’s hard to kill a Pogue. Now that we know they did make it out alive, broke, and on their own, we can talk about how this epic season ends. Join me as I go into detail about the Season 2 finale.

When Will the Next Season Be Out?

The second season of Outer Banks will be on Netflix on July 30. On July 14, Netflix posted the second season’s official trailer on Instagram.

Netflix first told us about the big news with a teaser that showed what happened to our favorite characters after the big season 1 finale. Look at it here

outer banks season 2

Who from the cast is coming back?

Are there any new people?

In April 2021, Deadline said that Roots actress Carlacia Grant had been chosen to join the OG cast as Cleo, a “confident and fearless” local whose “world collides with the Pogues.” Elizabeth Mitchell, who used to be on the show Lost, will play Limbrey, who is “a long-time Charleston native” who hides her “toxicity and menace” behind her southern charm.

“Beautiful actors and actresses. What a great group. Filming in paradise, “Mitchell wrote on her Instagram Story soon after it was announced that she would be in Season 2. “And there’s a character I’m excited for you to meet.”

Cleo Becomes a Pogue!

Cleo’s badass skills and her quick friendship with Sarah made it pretty clear that the Nassau teen would be back in Outer Banks. After her partner Terrance went missing in the Bahamas, Cleo got a job on the same tanker that the Cameron family was using to get to a private island with the Cross of Santo Domingo. After getting into a fight with Pope and trying to find out that he is a stowaway, she meets up with John B. and finds out that her friend Sarah is in trouble on the ship. So, the Pogues now have a new friend.

outer banks, episode 210, from left to right: rudy pankow as jj, madison bailey as kiara, carlacia grant as cleo, jonathan daviss as pope, chase stokes as john b, and madelyn cline as sarah cameron. jackson lee davis netflix © 2021

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Cleo ends up playing a big role in the episode. She leads the ship’s crew away from the Pogues and helps them get the Cross. When things go wrong, she leaves the ship with the Pogues. After the six teens wash up on the deserted island, Pope makes Cleo a member of the Pogues and teaches her how to do everything, like the group handshake. Now that Kiara is on Team JJ, this sweet moment suggests that Pope and Cleo may be the next couple on the show.

Ward and Rafe Steal the Gold and the Cross!

At the beginning of the finale, they explain a big twist: Ward is still alive, even though he faked his death in episode six when a ship exploded. He used a pretty simple trick to get away from the explosion: he hid his scuba gear before the real explosion. Let’s just start treating Outer Banks like Game of Thrones: no one is dead until we see a body.

Sarah is shocked by the news, so she fights with her father for most of the episode and tries to get off the boat to get to John B. The fight goes on for a long time and gets more and more intense until Ward realizes that his daughter has gone full Pogue and tries to kill her. Sarah is saved by John B, and even though he beats Ward badly, he decides not to kill the Big Bad of the show.

outer banks season 2

As for the Cross, the Pogues end up losing it to the Camerons, just like they did with the sunken treasure last season. Even though they did a good job of getting the Cross hooked up to a crane and lined up above a lifeboat, they lost the chance to load the Cross while fighting off the crew and Rafe.

Pope decides to throw the Cross into the sea instead of giving it to someone else. Unfortunately, all the adrenaline gives Rafe super-strength, so he can grab the rope and hold on to the Cross until the rest of the crew can help him pull it back onto the ship.

In episode 210 of outer banks, from left to right, carlacia grant plays cleo, madison bailey plays kiara, and rudy pankow plays jj. cr jackson lee davis netflix © 2021

So, the Camerons have the Cross and the gold from the shipwreck while the Pogues are getting away from their ship. If you’re worried that the Big Bads will just stay on their private island and speak French for the rest of the show, don’t worry. Before the end of the finale, Rafe goes to see his hurt dad and tells him he’ll bring Sarah back.

The Pogues Are Stuck on an Island With No One Else There.

After getting away, the Pogues end up on an unnamed island, without their treasure but with an extra member! After complaining for a minute about how bad things are, John B rallies the group by telling them they have everything they need: waves and the potential to find food. JJ tells the group that they will call the land Poguelandia, and the people pair up. We even get a shot of the group laughing as they sit around a fire (yay, survival!).

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Of course, the Outer Banks are not perfect. We see Kie’s mom putting up posters and the police holding a press conference, which shows that everyone in town thinks the Pogues are missing or dead. We expect the Pogues to get back to the Outer Banks if the show gets a second season, since they can’t stay on a deserted island forever. After all, they need to know something…

John B’s Dad Is Still Around.

Limbrey, season 2’s new bad guy, shows up at a house in Barbados at the end of the episode, which is when the ending is revealed. She was told to go there in a letter about the shroud she has been looking for all season, and she will meet a man who has been “half dead for a long time.” When she finds the man, he tells her that he knows where the shroud is and that he will help her if she helps his son. Big John Routledge is his name.

When John B’s dad shows up again, it will shake up the whole series. John B started looking for his dad’s treasure so that he could get revenge for his death. Finding out that his dad is still alive will probably shock him. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creators Shannon Burke and Josh Pate said that Big John’s appearance will be “instrumental and maybe the spine” of the unannounced third season.

outer banks season 2

“John B’s relationship with his dad is a big theme, and his dad coming back is a big part of that. Eventually, John B and his dad will meet again, and John B will have to figure out how to deal with the fact that his dead dad is still alive. It gives us a lot to work with in terms of the father-son theme “Burke said.

In short, we need the renewal right now. Netflix, we don’t have any gold to give you, but we can give you our hearts.

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