Orlando Sanchez Cause of Death and Take a Look at How Did Orlando Die?


On December 16, it was confirmed that Orlando Sanchez, also known as “The Big O,” “the BJJ Legend,” and “the Cuban Tree Stump,” had died. The jiu-jitsu fighter died suddenly, it has been found out.

Orlando has been showing off his skills for a long time, which has helped him gain a lot of fans who have even shown their support on social media. Fans were shocked to hear that he had died from what his friends told them.

Who Was Orlando Sanchez?

Orlando was an American-born black belt in jiu-jitsu, according to BJJ Heroes. He learned from José “Zé Radiola” Olmpio and became well-known as he fought against other people.

He did not stop there, though. In 2015, he won the ADCC World title. Because he won, he became one of the most well-known ultra-heavyweights.

According to the outlet, jiu-jitsu helped Orlando get off drugs. He worked hard and got his black belt in four years. Since then, he’s been very active on social media, telling his followers about his journey.

Orlando Sanchez Cause of Death

Friends and people who had worked with Orlando over the years confirmed that he had died. They quickly thought of him when they saw posts about him on Instagram.

Flograppling says that the fighter died out of the blue. No information was given about how he died. His wife and three children will miss him.

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Fans Cry Over His Death

Everyone was shocked to hear about Orlando’s death, and people were quick to share their sadness on Twitter. Several people thought about the fighter and the good times they had with him.

One user wrote, “We are very sad to hear that Professor Orlando Sanchez has died. Thank you for being one of our best athletes and a great friend. As a competitor, teacher, school owner, and leader in the region, you leave behind a legacy of toughness, kindness, and loyalty.


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Another person said, “Wow! I’m very sad to hear that Orlando Sanchez has died. One of our sport’s most divisive figures. In the world of BJJ, there was someone I really looked up to. This one is painful. A real legend on the Gracie Barra team.”

“It’s sad to hear that Orlando Sanchez has died. I never got to meet him, but it was always fun to see him compete. RIP LEGEND!” said something else.


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