One of Us Is Lying Season 2: Is There Going to Be a Second Season of One of Us Is Lying? Its Release Date, Cast & Storylines on Netflix!


Bayview High is the setting for One Of Us Is Lying, a new Netflix mystery drama series that has captivated viewers.

The first season is based on the same-titled YA mystery book by Karen M. McManus, in case you’ve forgotten. Detention is a storey about five Bayview High School students who find themselves in the same cell before Simon dies of anaphylactic shock. The investigation into Simon’s killing then begins, with each of the individuals in custody having their own chance and motivation to kill him.

Season one of Us Is Lying finished with some shocking discoveries regarding what happened to Simon, and fans are eagerly anticipating what will happen next in the show’s second season. What we know thus far about the second season of One Of Us Is Lying…

It’s One of Us Who Is Lying

Beatrice Springborn, a Universal Content Productions Executive, hinted that the Bayview Four detention attendees might return in season two.

Thus, it seems probable that all of the original cast members will return for season 2.

Chibuikem Uche (Cooper), Barrett Carnahan (Jake), Marian Tejada (Bronwyn), Cooper van Grootel (Nate) and Annalisa Cochrane (Addy) star in the film (Simon).
Bronwyn was played by Marian Tejada and the other five companions and personalities.

The first season is unlikely to feature in the second instalment. “However, in previewing Season 1, Universal Content Production President Springborn did his best and described how Season 2 will be exciting and help unravel the mystery of the narrative of Bayview’s four pals, according to the trailer,” he said. In order to make it through imprisonment, they are able to execute their roles and former ones.

But flashbacks have a wide range of possibilities, and these two may show up.

The Premiere Date for Season 2 of One of Us Is Lying Has Been Announced

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One of Us Is Lying, according to rumours, has not yet been given a release date by its producers or creators. Season 2 of One of Us Is Lying, on the other hand, is scheduled for release by the end of 2023.

It’s safe to assume that, similar to season 1, Netflix will release season 2 four months after a US producer’s peacock published it. As a result, One Of Us Is Lying will premiere exclusively on Netflix as it has in the past.

What Will Happen in Season 2 of One of Us Is Lying?

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During particularly tumultuous imprisonment, Simon (Mark McKenna) died of a heart attack. As a result, there will be a fresh murder mystery in season two.

As a result of his involvement in Simon’s murder, Jake (Barrett Carnahan) was left with a chalk outline around his torso.

To terrify his students, Simon had always planned to consume the peanut oil he’d poured in his water and suffer anaphylactic shock.

Simon’s EpiPen was purposefully hidden by Jake to frame his girlfriend Addy, who had just been caught cheating on him.

On her way to face Jake with Cooper and Janae by her side, Addy figured out all of this. Things only became worse for them when Jake was shot and died.

It’s possible that one of these three has turned into a killer, but no one knows for sure.

A fresh criminal investigation will put all of them in the limelight throughout the course of season two.

There is blood on the hands of the Bayview Four now… However, who was the one who fired the trigger in the end?

There’s a good chance that the second season of One Of Us Is Lying may vary from its original material.

As a year goes by since Simon’s death, a strange truth-or-dare type app gives the characters guidelines to live by, which eventually becomes fatal, in One of Us Is Next’s sequel.

We’ll have to wait and see whether an app in the vein of Gossip Girl makes an appearance any time soon.

The second season of One of Us Is Lying has been announced. When can we expect it to air on Netflix?

The first season of Peacock debuted in October 2021 on NBC Universal’s US streaming service. In February 2022, the film was released on Netflix worldwide for the first time.

According to Variety, NBC Universal/Peacock renewed One Of Us Is Lying for a second season in January 2022. Given that Peacock will air the second season, we’d anticipate Netflix to follow suit.

Both Daro Madron as executive producer and Erica Saleh as showrunner have been confirmed for season two of the programme.

The Premiere Date for Season 2 of One of Us Is Lying

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In January 2022, NBC Universal and Peacock renewed One of Us Is Lying. Peacock will release the second season of One of Us Is Lying in the near future. Netflix has a new season, so we may watch it soon. Season 2’s plot is also hinted at in these images. Daro Madron, the executive producer of the first season, has been replaced by Erica Saleh, showrunner of the second.

The Trailer for the Second Season of One of Us Is Lying We’ll See It Soon Enough

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Stay calm, everyone! Patience. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else to say at this time.

However, if you give it some time, we’re certain you’ll notice something.

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