Off-Road Adventure Based New App Introduced to Android Auto


Android Auto is a mobile application developed by Google that mirrors the functions of Android devices (such as smartphones) to the infotainment host on the car dashboard. Once the Android device is paired with the car host, the system can mirror some applications on the car screen. Supported applications include GPS maps and navigation, music playback, text messages, phone calls, and web search. The system supports a host controlled by a touch screen and buttons. A hands-free operation can be performed through voice commands, and it is recommended to reduce driver distraction. Android Auto is part of the Open Automobile Alliance, which is a joint effort of 28 automakers. Nvidia, as a technology provider, is available in 36 countries.

It took several years for Google to allow the Android Auto host to run third-party navigation applications instead of its own map service. Unsurprisingly, Waze was the first to join, and then others followed suit, including TomTom Navigo. But they are all designed for the typical driver who follows the route. What if you want to drive a 4×4 off-road adventure? You need a dedicated application, such as Gaia, and now you have just logged in to Auto. Gaia is a popular off-road map service (although it does serve hikers, boat riders, climbers, cyclists, and snow sports hobbies)

Its latest beta version v2021.6 adds support for Android Auto, so users can safely navigate the saved route on the mainframe in the car without having to check the phone repeatedly. In these wilder environments, attention is crucial, and it is best to keep your eyes on the “road.” The help article on the Gaia website explains everything you need to know about the Android Auto app, but the point is that you need to join the official beta of the Play Store and wait for the app to update on your phone, then log in and make sure you have A driving route is created in the app or website (that is, in driving mode). Automatic host, Gaia will be available on the launcher and will show your current location and the 6 routes closest to you. You can also search for other routes or select them from your mobile app. Start one and you will get detailed information about their direction and journey. The application supports light and dark modes, has wizard integration and various customizable map overlays. If you want to try it, please join the beta first.

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