Norman Reedus Net Worth: How Wealthy He Is? All You Need To Know!


Norman Reedus, the actor of The Walking Dead, just reached a major career milestone. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he was awarded a star. On his wedding day, he was accompanied by his longtime partner Diane Kruger and his mother.

Let’s just say that must have been a memorable occasion for Norman Reedus’s friends and family. Continue scrolling to learn more about the Hollywood Walk of Fame event held in Norman’s honour and to discover his net worth.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Has Awarded Norman Reedus a Star.

That is indeed the case. Tuesday saw the addition of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the actor of The Boondock Saints. On this momentous occasion, Norman was accompanied by his longtime partner Diane Kruger, his mother, and his son Mingus Reedus from his relationship with Helena Christensen.


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The plaque of Norman was put near the star of George A. Romero, who is well known for directing the horror flicks Night Of The Living Dead (1968) and Dawn Of The Dead (1968). (1978).

The Walking Dead showrunner Greg Nicotero and horror film filmmaker and specialist Guillermo del Toro revealed Norman’s casting.

New Information Regarding Norman’s Walk of Fame Ceremony

In the photographs from the occasion, Norman is dashing in a black suit and wide-legged slacks. With a black striped tie and black shoes, he completed his ensemble.

Diane, Reedus’ girlfriend, wowed in a double-breasted houndstooth blazer dress. Mingus, his son, donned a three-piece suit in black.


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In 2015, Norman and Diana met for the first time on the set of the motion picture Sky. In the following year, the couple began dating. In November 2018, the couple gave birth to their daughter, Nova. The couple has resolved to shield their daughter from public attention.

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How Much is Norman Reedus’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Norman Reedus’s estimated net worth is an astounding $25 million. The Walking Dead, a popular AMC series, is where the American Gangster actor is best known for his performances. In the horror television series, he plays Daryl Dixon.

Norman has appeared in a handful of films, including Floating, Mimic, Six Ways to Sunday, I’m Losing You, Reach The Rock, The Limit, Tough Luck, Until The Night, Let The Devil Wear Black, Davis Is Dead, The Boondock Saints, I Thought of You, Great Wall Great Medicine, Walls, A Crime, and Nobody Needs to Know.

Reedus has also appeared in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Charmed, 13 Graves, The Chase, Hawaii Five-O, and The Walking Dead, among others.

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